The Marvelous One Is MIA In Sunny Florida

I’ve been MIA that past few days, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine in Sarasota, Florida.  The Badge is here for business, I came along to help drive (who would not want to drive his Mercedes after all?) and after the business part we’ve been enjoying the “cold” weather (around here they think 60’s is cold).  It’s been in the 70’s during the day (glorious compared to Cincinnati) and 60’s over night.  64 degrees, humid, windows down in the car last night as we went cruising to some of the spots he loves.

We drove to Venice Beach today to check it out, but while it is nice, Sarasota and Siesta Key are better.  It was heavenly to walk barefoot in the sand again and come June we will be staying on Siesta Key so we can walk across the street one way to the beach, or the other way to Gilligan’s and The Daquri Deck, and pretty much everything else we want to eat or drink.  I cannot wait.

The plan is to move down here, the sooner the better.  Sooner WOULD be better.  I love it here and understand why he feels home here.  It is so beautiful.  The day I get back to Cincinnati I will be back in the gym getting my fitness on so I am bikini ready for June.  I will have my son and/or son-in-law work with me at the gym to achieve my goals.

For now, this and a few other photos are what I will enjoy and use to motivate me.  I will job hunt and find something here I think, like slinging beer at a local bar.  I can’t do an office again, ever.  I want open air!!


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  1. I cannot fault you one little bit for escaping to that view in a permanent way! beautiful. I would love being so close to the water all the time.

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