Friday Confessional

Ah Friday!  Time to hit the confessional.

I confess…

I’m so confused about what day of the week it is anymore.  Last week I missed out on confessing because by the time I realized what day we were on, it was well passed Friday.

I confess…

I’m back on track to be bikini ready by mid-May when The Badge is taking me to Florida with him.  I can barely move from doing squats but I’m determined to weigh what my drivers license says I do.  Later I need to get out and walk, which sucks because it is cold!

I confess…

The kid next door has been playing basketball in his driveway for over an hour.  I’m ready to go over there and offer him a bunch of candy to stop, it’s annoying me.  And if he says no, I swear I’ll take a knife to the basketball.  Okay I won’t but really, enough already.

I confess…

I’ve updated my Beauty Blog way more than I have this one.  Sorry for the reblogs, trying to get traffic to it.  Please visit and subscribe it will make my day!  Trying very hard to get the business built up so I can avoid a return to the corporate world.

I confess…

I’m sick of cold and dreary. I cannot wait to move to Florida with  The Badge.  The Divas are now considering a move south too.  wooohoooo!

I confess…

Downton Abbey season 5 starts Sunday evening and that is not soon enough for me.  We’ve been re-watching the past 4 seasons and even though it is my 4th time through them all I catch things I’ve missed.  LOVE that show.



  1. Basketball! I swear I wondered what would happen if I duct-taped the neighbor kid to a lawn chair…… He practiced dribbling for 30 minutes every evening all summer.

  2. Oh I confess I completely forgot about Downton! I’ll have to watch the last episode of the previous season tonight to remind myself what’s happening. I have been sticking to my work outs all through the holidays too. If I skipped one day, I didn’t worry too much, but with taking the kids skating and swimming, I am being very active.
    I don’t think anyone is going to take my South though. 😦

  3. Be sure to stop in South Carolina to say hi on your way to Florida. I really need to watch Downton Abbey; I know that it’s a show I’d love, just haven’t added it to the queue yet.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party; have a fabulous weekend. (Also, you didn’t miss the party last week because I didn’t have it.)

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