Tuesday Tid Bits

Tuesday tidbitsThe Badge has declared we are going to Florida in May and maybe again in July.  This means the marvelous one needs to be bikini ready come then.  I’ve declared all out war on my body and appetite.  I’m back on SparkPeople and watching every bite I eat, logging it and the water I drink, and soon the miles and minutes walked.  I say soon because yesterday I donated blood and they suggested I wait until tomorrow to get out there and pound the pavement.

This water thing is helping my appetite a lot, but good grief I have to pee all of the time!  My number of trips to the bathroom are rivaled only by my pregnant daughter.

I had a craving for Chipotle today, so I got on their site and ran the numbers and holymotherofcalories that burrito bowl I love so much is 690 calories!!!  My total for a day is 1200-1550, making it half of my intake for the day. UNACCEPTABLE!!!  I recalculated it for chicken and then split it in half so I have lunch for 2 days.  This was done before I even began eating it so that there is no cheating or temptation to just polish it off.  Last night my snack-crack, popcorn, was eaten one piece at a time while drinking a lot of water.  We make it on the stove in a pan with canola oil which really cuts down the fat and calories from the microwave method, and I can pronounce all of the ingredients.  All 2 of them.  I did skip out on the beer the past 2 nights as well, might as well be serious about this.

You can watch the progress on my SparkPeople page.  I’m happy the numbers are heading down!




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  1. I don’t very much I will get to Florida, but I was so happy this past summer to have to buy a smaller swimsuit (well, basically A swimsuit since I still had my old maternity ones! I just never bought another one since my last pregnancy. shameful), that I am determined to have to buy another new, smaller swimsuit this summer too! Pilates. it’s killing me – but oh man is it toning up the body. And yeah, water water water.
    I have also been taking green coffee bean around “that” time of the month because my snacking and binging on chocolate can reach alarming levels. it helps to curb my appetite a bit and it is a fat blaster. But I don’t use it all of the time because it does have caffeine and it can cause anxiety or make existing anxiety worse. but short term I find it okay.

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