Thursday Morning Coffee (And Oatmeal) Musings

Coffee cup with steamCan we all just stop for a moment and give it up for whoever invented the Keurig?

*bows head and gives thanks*

Seriously this person deserves our thanks because it is the greatest invention since the Mr. Coffee. I discovered I can make oatmeal with the Keurig by putting 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats in a small bowl and selecting the smallest cup serving on the display.  Nice hot water comes out and a minute after I add some dark brown sugar and I have breakfast.  This discovery happened when I was working and eating the prepackaged style oatmeal in a cup.  The microwave at the office was scary, and since I did not make the mess I refused to clean it up.  So one day I was inspired and stuck it under the Keurig and it dispensed just the right amount of hot water, right to the line on the inside of the cup.  Fantastic!  I prefer the old fashioned oats because there are too many things in the ingredient list on most prepackaged ones that I cannot pronounce and identify.  I then made it in a larger, travel coffee cup because I could eat it in the car on the way to work if I was really hungry.  If you try it, be sure to get water in that cup asap after you eat it because the stuff dries like wallpaper paste if  you don’t.

I swear I’d be okay with snow right now.  Before y’all think I’ve got a short circuit in my brain let me explain.  IF it has to be cold and dreary outside, all overcast and blah, it might as well snow.  At least then it is pretty to look at, and not depressing as it is now outside the window by my desk.  The better option, of course, would be warm breezes and sunshine.  I may need to consider tanning again, this weather is a downer and I need my UV rays to stay happy.   I keep dreaming of swimming in my brother’s pool, even if they DO have an Indianapolis Colts symbol painted on the bottom.

I spent part of the morning scrubbing my Facebook.  I had said earlier this year I wasn’t posting negative crap anymore but found myself sucked into it by news reports of the rioting etc.  There is SO much good in this world that never makes it to the news because no one wants to see that, they prefer the negative.  Life is beautiful and good, and I’m not going to be an avenue for pushing that negative agenda.  I stopped watching the news months ago because I couldn’t take one more negative thing, then started watching the coverage of Lauren Hill because I found her so incredibly inspirational.  That led to seeing other stories and next thing I know it is a steady diet of doom again.  No more news, I will seek out specific stories online and stay away from the junk.

Despite being up for several hours now, it is nearly 11am and I’m still in my jammies.  After my morning phone call with my daughter I was so tempted to go back to bed.  Seems at 51 years old I still don’t have enough sense to go to bed and sleep at a decent hour.  At 2am I was still awake and texting someone.  I had just finished a book I was reading and was too wired to doze off.  I am paying for the shenanigans now, dead tired but too much to do and less hours to get it done in now than planned.  Do they sell self control and discipline at Walmart??? This chick sure could use some.

Time for a shower, and a lot more coffee.



  1. I love my Keurig.
    I’ve used it to cook those Raman noodles. just choose a higher ounce setting, put your noodles in a bowl and brew hot water over and cover with a plate for 3 minutes: done!
    I make tea with regular tea bags too, when I have run out of tea k cups. it’s so easy.
    I pick and choose the news stories too. I like to stay informed and aware: but I also like to balance it all with the feel good stuff too!

  2. Marti,
    I enjoy reading your posts! I do try to comment,when I get the chance! That is a clever idea to use the Keurig for the hot water for your oatmeal!

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