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Once again fear and insanity has gripped my fair city.  Seems nature shook the snow globe over night and OHMYGOSHWEAREALLGOINGTODIE!!!  Seriously the news has been beginning to end coverage of the snow.  Snow is far from uncommon in these parts and while winter doesn’t officially start until 12/21, it sometimes has fallen before Thanksgiving.

Our local news stations have covered nothing but snow today so if the zombie apocalypse has begun we are going to be playing catch up as walking cadavers descend on us because all we know here is that it snowed.  Every available reporter is spread out throughout our city so they can bounce between them and show us that by golly that white, frozen crap fell ALL OVER THE CITY!  Who would have ever imagined it would do that?  From the first snow flurry that fell until it all ends this is all we get here for news. They even took over the national news shows this morning to spend 2 more hours talking about the fact that it snowed.  It isn’t like it was the snow fall to break all records, it is 3-5 inches typically throughout the area.  I know this, of course, because that is all they talked about.

Before all this hit the grocery stores were jammed with folks buying up their French toast supplies of bread, eggs and milk.  My poor daughter actually needed to go for her grocery run prior to her step-son coming over today because teenage boys eat a lot. It was complete chaos and this unnerved us both.  We could have sold the parking spot to the highest bidder when we left.  Really, no one is going to get snowed in for more than a few hours to, at most, a day.  The world is not ending as we know it.  And who in their right mind buys bread, milk and eggs if they are going to be snowed in?  Load up on wine, steak, beer, chicken, veggies, more wine and beer!  Think this through people!  Even IF the power goes out, stick the stuff on the deck, it will keep out there in the snow!  And you can grill, just dig a path to the grill!  Skip the milk, make sure you have gas for the grill.

Yes, it is beautiful, for about 5 seconds.


I am so over winter already.




  1. whoops. that was supposed to end with “2 BBQ tanks filled during winter.” We will actually BBQ tonight – the way is already shoveled. 🙂

  2. I can remember playing football tag in the snow on Thanksgiving. And… I’m Canadian, so that means IN OCTOBER. Snow. Then.
    We are under a blanket of white this morning and the wind is howling pretty fierce. Meh, all that means to us is time to put the snow tires on (check), and haul out the thicker coat (check). And yes — we keep 2 BB

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