Monday Memos

Monday MemosDear Self,

It is okay that at 51 you have a fear of the dark.  I mean, really, everyone has fears and whatever it is  you fear it is legit.  However, it is a tad strange that though you fear the dark, you are annoyed by the clock on the cable box under the TV.  Do you get that you are a tad bit of a wacko over this development in your insanity?  Just wondered.


Your inner adult still trying to get out.


Dear School Bus Drivers,

Is it REALLY necessary to back up  on this street to the curve rather than just go on down and turn around in our very large cul-de-sac?  Seriously the quint from the fire house manages and that sucker is way bigger than you.  That annoying back up alert beeping at the crack of dawn is starting to get under my last nerve, and that is not a good place to be.  I’ll end up getting arrested, sneaking around the school bus lot after dark trying to find the right bus to disable the beeper.  Please, just go on down and turn around.

Kind Regards,

Someone who likes to sleep in whenever she can.


Dear Mother Nature,

You are really being uncooperative here of late.  It is October 27th, time for chillier temperatures.  YOU brought us frost warnings of late, today you smack us with 80 degrees??  Are you suffering from PMS or something?  I am up to my eyeballs in a blanket I need to finish and you are making it rather uncomfy to be sitting under the project I am currently working on.  Back off the mood swing and give us back that nice, put a log on the fire weather!

Irritatedly Yours,

Yes, I know that is not a word and I don’t care.





  1. Irritatedly is too a word and I plan on stealing…ahem, borrowing it with no intention of returning it. The only time I really get nervous about the dark is when my husband isn’t in bed beside me. Then it seems like every little noise is magnified by a power of 10.

  2. It’s your blog, you can make up words if you want to. LOL
    Mother Nature has been drunk all year. It was fairly mild all day and overcast, and now at night we’ve actually put the fireplace on. Tomorrow — I don’t know, maybe rain, maybe snow… then some sun. It’s like all 4 seasons in a single day.
    I need absolute dark in my room to sleep — but I have a night light in the hallway/bathroom.

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