1. Don’t ya love folks like that? I wear it cause I want too. Most days that I don’t have it on, I wanted too but something happened that I didn’t get that far before I had to leave the house.

  2. It so irks me when I get that question “why do you always wear makeup – you should be able to go out without it.” gggrrr. First – get back in your own lane honey. I am a grown woman who can wear makeup if I want. and since I am not going around slinging jealousy disguised as snark at other womens’ choices, I think we can determine who actually is the more well adjusted person here. whew — I guess I needed to get that out! ha The truth is I do wear it outside always because it does have SPF; so my face is always always protected. It also has moisturizer. Since I use a mineral powder based item, it’s healthier for my skin too. I am in my 40s and don’t have any wrinkles yet – so I must be doing something right!

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