Tuesday Coffee Chat – Collections

OMG I thought this would never get here again!  Our hostess over at Time Out For Mom had taken the summer off from hosting the Tuesday Coffee Chat meme.  I missed it even when I didn’t get to participate.  Thank goodness she has returned.  Not a deep subject today but that is okay, my brain isn’t in the game today anyway.

Today’s topic is:  COLLECTIONS as in do I collect anything? Or have an addiction of sorts too?

Well…yes.  If you follow me for more than about 5 minutes you will pick up on the fact that I collect anything Hello Kitty and I lean especially hard toward anything pink and Hello Kitty.

I’m not at all sure why this is just that I think she is adorable and the creators can say whatever they wish, she is a cat.  Little girls do not have whiskers or tails.  Some of us older gals in the menopause years have been known to sport fuzzy faces (not yours truly yet), but as far as those whiskers found on cats, this ‘little girl’ is no little girl. Sorry but I don’t buy it.

I have 18 pairs of Hello Kitty socks, so I suppose you could say I collect socks too.  I have some Hello Kitty jammies and numerous pairs of earrings and a couple of watches and necklaces too, all Hello Kitty.  My phone case is Hello Kitty, my key chain, and I even have a Hello Kitty coffee mug and a travel mug that matches.  Sad I know.

Speaking of coffee cups, while it isn’t a collection, I do have 3 out of which I must drink my coffee.  I am a tad OCD about a few things and that is one of them.  Hence, as I am staying at my son’s with his other 2 children while his wife is giving birth to #3, I’m about to have a nervous breakdown over the cup I’m drinking coffee from.  It isn’t one of MY special cups and that is killing me.  But the coffee is so big a part of me I cannot do without it so such is life.  I’ll survive.

So there you have it, my odd ball collections of things off the wall for a 51yo woman.

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  1. Who says Hello Kitty is just for kids? I also have to have my coffee in “my” mug. I have one for work in my office and one at home. It just doesn’t taste the same in something else.

  2. I was thinking of your Hello Kitty love!! And yes – she is, and forever will be, a Cat! I don’t think it’s silly at all — we love what we love and should not have to feel guilty about it! I would steal my daughters Hello Kitty socks if they would fit! 🙂 Thanks for joining – it’s good to be back!

  3. I started drinking my tea from a china mug and miss it when I am out. Congrats on your 3rd grandchild.

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