What Is Absolute Beauty?

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But that, I think, means physical beauty, which frankly is very shallow as far as how you judge someone.

True beauty is what beauty looks like in the dark.

Think about that for a moment.  If no one could ‘see’ each other, on what would we base beauty?  Absolute beauty is what the heart and soul look like in a person, and those things are not so much seen with the eyes as with the mind and through a person’s actions.

Beauty doesn’t tear others down with words, it is always uplifting.  It finds the good in a person and expresses only that which is kind.

Beauty encourages others, leads the cheers for them when they are struggling or pushing through to a new level of success.

Beauty is love, for one another and for self.  Yes for self.  See, we take care of ourselves when we love ourselves.  Self love is not bad in and of itself…it nourishes the body or vessel, keeps it in good order so that the person can then in turn care for others in need.

True beauty forgives and forgets.  It also admits when it is wrong and asks for other’s forgiveness.

Absolute beauty is what each of us looks like in the dark, if we are in fact beautiful.  Are you beautiful?


  1. I find that if you forget the external view, and instead look for those who have a “good soul” so to speak: you will almost certainly discover that person is in fact beautiful. So yes, I would say I am beautiful! 🙂

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