You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up Thursday

YCMTUTUnless you have been living under a rock the past 48 hours, you are aware that Hello Kitty is not really a cat at all.  In fact she is a perpetual 3rd grade girl.  40 years ago, give or take a few, she made her first appearance in the world.  But she isn’t a cat, her creators claim that they never said she was a cat, and they also are not saying she is human either, just that she is a cartoon character.  A girl.  But not a cat.  EXCUSE ME????

She has pointy ears just like a cat.

Her eyes are not round, and while not totally shaped like a cats, they are closer to feline eyes than humans.

She has a tail.  Well sort of a tail, more of  long stump but it is shown, it’s a tail.

She has whiskers, just like a cat.

But she is not to be confused with a cat, because they say she is absolutely not a cat.  She has a pet cat though so that somehow makes it better?  They say she has never been depicted on all fours, but walks on two feet, upright.  Hello!? So does Garfield and he is cat and cartoon character!

I, the reformed cat hater (real ones that is), who is now the proud owner of a delightful black cat I’ve raised since she was rescued at just over 4 weeks old, have long loved Hello Kitty.  I own 18 pairs of Hello Kitty socks, 2 phone cases  that are Hello Kitty for my work and personal phones, my coffee mug is a Hello Kitty one, my key chain, my jammies, numerous trinkets and other Hello Kitty items and I’m sorry BUT HELLO KITTY IS A CAT!  If she is not a cat, then she is one truly freaky looking kid and someone needs to do something about some corrective surgery for her quickly.

I’ve been lied too for years, what is real anymore?  Who can we trust if we cannot trust that a character that looks dead on a cat figure is really not one at all?

Here is a small sample of the Hello Kitty obsession I have.  And yes, that this 51 year old woman is obsessed with Hello Kitty falls under the YCMTSU title too.



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