A Long Over Due Apology To TQE

I'm sorryDear Teresa/Queenie (TQE),

You are correct, you have never read a word of an apology from me for the ugly things I have said about you in the past on my blog.  While I could swear I had done so in email, you are entitled to a very public apology here on my page, where I had posted those unkind things.  I am embarrassed that this was not sooner, as it should have been.

I am sorry, for anything I have said or posted, that was unkind, ugly, negative or caused you pain in some way.  I will not insult you by trying to justify a single word, it really was not necessary.  You did not deserve to be treated in any way but with respect and as one who ascribes to the Thumper rule (if you don’t have something nice to say it isn’t necessary to say anything at all), I should have simply kept silent.

What I said and posted was meant to cut deep and cause you pain in your heart, and if I was successful then I am truly sorry.  I had no right to lash out at you the way that I did.  I am quite guilty of using my blog to attack others in the past, you were one of my targets.  I very much regret every unkind word, and if there are an posts remaining with unkind things said I will remove them at once.

I’d like to add that I am very sorry I was not a better friend to you when we were on good terms.  I could have been so much more than I was, and I know looking back over my life that I have had a selfish streak in me that needed weeding out.

I mean every word of this post, it is from my heart.

You were a good friend, and I miss the friendship terribly.

I hope you will find it in your heart one day to forgive me.  Meanwhile I will always pray for you when I see the bracelet I wear on my arm, for all good things and blessings to come your way.

Kindest regards, and blessings to you.




  1. whether she deserves the apology or not, you are a kind, beautiful and compassionate person to give it with your whole heart. Whenever healing is necessary, someone has to make the first move – right? (it’s usually the most mature person also.)

  2. Oh sweet woman why do you bother? She is a toxin, pure poison, and everyone knows it. She has trashed you and continues to do it and you deserve the apology! Her circle of friends in swingland gets smaller every day as she poisons more people. Her and R are talking moving to Florida, probably because she has run out of victims up here. She is only angry because every word you wrote about her has been true. Give your friendship to someone who appreciates what a fabulous person you are miss Jazz, which is way too good for the likes of her.

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