Shooting The Speaker Off The Ice Cream Truck

Courtesy of Salvatore Vuano at
Courtesy of Salvatore Vuano at

Is that considered bad form, to sit in my window and shoot the speaker off the top of the ice cream truck as it comes through the neighborhood?

That has to be one of the most annoying noises under the sun.  It could only be worse if it was playing It’s A Small World rather than the bad reggae music already blaring out of the motorized crap calorie cart.

I am ever so thankful it came through the area after I was done walking my dog, she gets uptight enough over the UPS and FedEx trucks!

I think they should have to play something pleasant, like classical music if they insist on making noise.




  1. We have not even seen the ice cream truck this summer. But if I recall, he just rings a bell normally. I would love to hear some music, but yeah — it’s gotta be a decent tune!

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