Confessions Of: A Happy, Imperfect, Open Book

Open book*Walking up to the podium, looking out on the masses and smiling*

Hello there reader, my name is Martha, but I go by Marti.  The nickname has been mine all of my life.  In fact until I went off to Catholic school as a child, I never answered to anything but Marti.  In the extended family circles, where I am named after my mom and maternal grandmother, I was known as Little Marti, or Little Mart.  Mom of course is Big Mart.  When I was pregnant with my daughter an uncle inquired if we were planning to name the baby after me if it was a girl, so we could then dub her Mini Mart.  Ha ha ha ha…no.

Throughout childhood to the teen years, I was known only by the nuns at school, as Martha.  Everyone else called me Marti.  In fact when I go to the doctor or some other place where they call you by name, I to this day often fail to respond when they call out “Martha” looking pretty silly when the second or third time I bolt from my seat realizing that is me they were seeking.

One of the great weaknesses, or maybe strengths (depends on the perspective) of mine is there is little doubt where I stand on anything.  I’m an open book.  If you have followed my blog from it’s onset you know that I speak my mind, often without thinking first who it might impact.  In the past few years I’ve learned to curb that some, but over all you will never come here and wonder what I really think.

Same goes for my Twitter account.  I’ve curbed my tweets a hair now and then but it’s wide open and I have nothing to hide.

The only ‘private’ thing about me is my Facebook, and that is simply to protect myself from some of the creepers I was running into on dating sites but I’m starting to open that up again.

In the past I’ve been accused of hiding behind a PC.  No, nothing hidden at all.   I say nothing on my posts that I wouldn’t say to someone if they were standing in front of me.  Hiding = private, blocked access etc.  You won’t find that with me.  Overly open and straight forward, lacking subtlety, but never hidden.

All this said, I’m going to start writing some things now and then that might offend some.  All I can say is if it says in the subject line, CONFESSIONS, (not to be confused with the Friday Confessional posts), then if you are easily offended don’t read them.  Just as when my books are finished and published, some might want to consider not reading them as they won’t hold much back.  If you don’t like it, then get your own blog, write your own books, and go on being that unique, ~own~ person you are, hiding behind privacy settings and blocked access and embrace that.

Let the confessions begin!


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