Weekly Weigh In: YIKES! What Was I Thinking????

Recently my daughter got married.  It was a small, private affair based on her desire to live out her faith and not live with her fiance without being married.  The big fancy wedding is next year.  In looking through the photos I realized that ARGH what was I thinking?

Thinking about my hair for one.  I had changed from my spiky ‘do’ and went with a pixie cut I had seen.  Actually my spiky look is a form of a pixie but I wanted to try something different.  THAT was a mistake.  Even once it grew out I didn’t like it so I am back to my “wild arse hair” as a guest writer, Chuck (see The Dating Diaries) had called it.

I also wore white pants to that wedding.  I needed something simple but pretty to wear but wow white was not a good idea.  They made me look really bad.  I’m 12 pounds lighter than I was in those photos but good grief that was not one of my better choices either.

I’m thankful I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and hoping to continue along with the downward progression of the scale. When I finish this challenge I am going to look at the Lean In 13.  I refuse to give up now that I’m on the right road, feeling good again and slowly gaining more energy in addition to starting to fit into my clothes again.

I’m also incorporating my coffee into this and it is helping!  I drink Javita Weight Loss Coffee and green tea (over ice with a bit of lemon juice).

I’m bold (and wacky) enough to say I weighed in at just under 200 when my daughter got married on 6/13.  I am just under 188 and dropping.  While some say I was carrying the weight pretty well, I still know it needed to go.  I’ll keep you all updated, not that anyone is just dying to follow this, and let you know the progress.

NOT my most flattering look! Hair and weight are a real bad deal for me.
NOT my most flattering look! Hair and weight are a real bad deal for me.
Me 17 days ago at the start of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.
Side view
Side view


  1. you look fabulous — either way. And I love the top you wore with the white pants; gorgeous on you! I never get on the scale myself, so I don’t the numbers, but my clothes are looser this summer finally and I feel energized and motivated to keep it going too!

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