Friday Confessional




Time to unload the confessions, get it all out in the open!

I confess…

I joined/re-activated my dating site profiles.  Now I’m wondering what the heck I was thinking.  Seriously, either the majority of the male side of the species cannot read or they think when you list various criteria it doesn’t apply to them personally.  Maybe they feel that they are such a perfect specimen that I will find them irresistible and won’t mind that they are 40 or 78 (my age specs are 48-58), live in Albuquerque (I am crystal clear that you must be LOCAL) and have 3 kids under 15 living with them (I spell out that I am done raising kids, I’m a grandma now and not up for mom/step-mom of the year though we all know I’d get the crown).  I try to respond nicely but I’m running out of patience and beginning to think that I’d be better off remaining SINGLE.

I confess…

Today is day #1 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge for me.  I signed up to be a distributor for the purpose of getting the products at a far less expensive price.  In the process of talking to my brother, who happens to be my sponsor, about the product line, I learned of the challenge.  It sounded like my kind of gig so here I am.  My son also signed up but didn’t know I had or he’d be under me but that is okay.  He doesn’t need to lose any weight, he is very buff, lifts weights etc, but he loves their products for muscle building etc so it was a good fit for him.  He now has 3 folks he knows doing the challenge too.

I am down 5 from a few weeks ago which could be because I’m drinking no beer of late.  I’m also trying not to eat a bag of microwave popcorn every night while reading, opting instead for herbal tea to help me fight off the menopause induced vampire hours (in other words I find myself awake in the night unable to sleep). NO one believes me when I tell them what I weigh, but it’s true.

I confess…

I cut back my claws this morning.  I have not had time to hit my favorite nail tech (best tech in the world) and they needed filling so bad they were lifting.  Instead of going I just cut them down and now slowly removing them the way you are not supposed to remove them, kinda peeling them off slowly.  I will get a new set on payday, but for now I’m without my back scratchers for the dog and cats.  They will live.

I confess…

I now have a business coach!  While I more or less do Advocare, Jewelry In Candles, SwissJust and Javita as hobbies, I am sold out to Avon as my business of choice for direct sales.  I signed on with a coach and last night had my first coaching call.  It rocked!  Working with a coach is such a great way to go, wish I would have thought of it sooner.




  1. I cannot imagine having to be in the dating world again. Seriously, hubby’s snoring is completely bearable considering the alternative.
    I am struggling to try and ban those at night munchies while I read!! It’s so hard…. it just seems to go together. But I also have been trying herbal tea, or just some warm milk. Because I definitely run to the night owl side of non sleep too.

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