Seriously, Just Flush It!

Have you ever noticed that when walking into a public restroom, folks look in every stall?  Why? To first make sure it is at least usable, I get that.  I’ve seen my share of them where it looks like someone failed “Hovering 101”.  Just use the paper seat protectors for crying out loud, unless you can hover without sprinkling everything.  If those are not available then put toilet paper on the seat or carry them in your purse.  Oh, sorry, addressing the ladies here, fellas.

But more than seeking a potty where it doesn’t look like the Titanic sank and left water everywhere, the gals in the washroom are checking to find a commode that has been flushed.  God forbid that someone maybe walked off and didn’t not send their sewer pickle on down to the river or wherever turds go when flushed away.  For that matter, if someone has simply sprinkled golden joy in the bowl (ie: they urinated, pee’d etc) and forgot to flush, the stall will be deemed unusable.

There can be a line out of the door and halfway around the block and women will stand there and wet their panties before venturing into that otherwise usable, personal toilet space and FLUSH THE TOILET!  Sometimes, yes, the little flushing mechanism is broken and that frankly sucks.  But 9 out of 10 times it is that everyone is afraid of the contents of the porcelain bowl.  Now, I’ve seen my fair share of horror movies in my younger days and I’m huge fan of The Walking Dead.  I won’t walk through room in a funeral home that has a dead body in it unless I am with others because it MIGHT just rise up like in the movies and I’d passout and become zombie fodder.  But never in my life have I seen a film or heard a ghost story round the camp fire of a poop monster in a public potty attacking anyone.  Granted I’ve seen some logs floating in a few places that I swear waved too me, but nothing attacked.

So what is the fear of just sticking one’s foot up and flushing the toilet so the offending sight swirls around and vanishes?  This frees up that toilet for another user!  Instead of doing the potty dance for 10 minutes we can cut the time to 6 by using that almost-ready-for-the-next-nature-calling-soul-latrine and possibly save someone from piddling down their leg!

I noted today that cats are much like we humans.  Well female felines that is, I cannot speak for males as all 3 of ours are girls.  If the litter box is getting a bit full, and there isn’t another one next to the one they pick first (I used to have 3 cats and 2 litter boxes), then they will opt to poop on the floor next to the litter box.  I’m not positive but I think this is the same as passing the stall with the used and unflushed toilet.

It must be a female thing.

Don’t forget, hover, use the toilet seat covers, or put down paper.  Or mom will know and she will lecture you.  FLUSH IT ALREADY!  And wash your hands, with SOAP people, and sing the ABC song slowly to ensure you have washed long enough.  Don’t touch the door handle with your bare hand on the way out in case germs are left behind from a previous user or didn’t wash or just let water trickle over their dainty little fingers.

You’re welcome.


  1. Oh I just flush it if I encounter this too. I don’t see the big deal? And if it won’t flush, tell someone!! Jeepers. I have noticed a declining amount of bathroom etiquette lately. And why won’t people push the paper towels down into the garbage slot either? It’s paper — you can squish and flatten it half way down the garbage bin people! It’s compact.

  2. Just started working at the M.E. Lyons YMCA on Monday. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to flush toilets. And only in the women’s areas….embarrasses me.

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