Book Review – What Dreams May Come

dreamsI recently stumbled on a post about a book for young adults.  I was intrigued by what I read so I set out to explore this love story with a paranormal twist.  This was so very much worth the read!

In a boy meets girl, high school romance, we are introduced to Ellie and Gabe.  Ellie is what I would term a misfit.  She flies beneath the radar whenever possible, trying to avoid drama and the homeroom bully who seems to have it out for her.  Her favorite place to seek comfort is in her dreams at night, where she finds her best friend, Gabe.  He is always a comfort and support, helping her navigate her life and emotions.  Her family and friends see Gabe as her imaginary friend who should have been left behind in childhood, forcing Ellie to cease mentioning him and even denying his existence.  This is all well and good until one day he walks into one of her classes, the new kid at school.

This story is SO well written and I very much related to the character of Ellie.  The paranormal element is worked into the story in such a believable way that I finished the book wondering if there could be any truth in such things.

Nothing about the tale is at all inappropriate, clean language, no sex or sexual situations.  Completed rated ‘G’ and such a great story that moms will enjoy it as much as teenage and young adult readers.

What Dreams My Come – by Beth Honeycutt is available in Kindle format from Amazon and currently priced at a very reasonable $4.99.  Money well spent in my opinion.