I’m Being Arrested

On February 26th, 2014, I am being arrested.

But really, it is ALL good!

The Muscular Dystrophy Association holds a Lock-Up, and people can be nominated to be “arrested”.  They will come to my office, arrest me, and take me to “jail”.  Jail is at a local mall.  I get fed lunch while I contact everyone I can think of trying to raise my “bail”.  Bail = donations for MDA.  My bail is $1600.  Meanwhile, I have a DONATION PAGE so folks can donate in advance toward my bail.  I am loving this!  They will return me to my office after a period of time.

We get to have our picture taken in stripes, behind bars etc.  And the best part it is all for such a great cause!  I cannot think of a more fun way to help out a worthy cause.  My boss loves it and is totally supportive of this event and my being involved.  Funny thing is that my sister and I are both being arrested at the same time so we’ll get to have lunch together while we work to get our bail raised.

I am shamelessly posting this in the hope that my readers will consider donating.  You can do it right there on my page and it goes directly to the MDA.  Every dollar helps me with raising my bail!



  1. I love this fundraiser!! I used to work in a prison, and every year some of the guards and even the warden of the prison would be “arrested”. Then a special committee of inmates would actually be the ones to raise funds for their bail. (all very closely supervised of course). It was a great way to raise funds for the cause, but also a good community minded project for the inmates to be involved with.
    Good luck – hope you aren’t a jail bird for too long! 🙂

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