Difficult Choices

The Prodigal Princess

In my quest to begin writing novels, I had hoped for a particular domain name to go with the pen name my sister and I are going to use to write under.  But that one was taken 😦  and that makes me said.  Just in case, I bought up my other choice to hang onto it.  But that isn’t the difficult choice.

The choice that is difficult at the moment is what type of novels to write.  I can write some pretty juicy material that will curl toes and cause folks to gasp just from my own life experiences.  A tweak here and a nip and tuck there and I can fictionalize it enough to cover my tail when it comes to legal issues.  Believe me I am convinced I could hit the best seller’s list, and I’m not flashing ego here at all.  I know I write well, and…

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