Wine & Cheese ~ 79th Serving

wine n cheeseWelcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

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Sit back and join me now for the 79th serving of some wine and cheese!

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😦  I have been awake since 4am!  Psycho kitty, Skyler, missed out last evening on the canned cat food.  Wet food from a can is like cat crack around this house.  Pull the tab and you are surrounded by 12 furry legs, purrs rising and fighting at your ankles to be closest to mama.  A few feet away, observing and hoping I drop a bit is the dog.  She is high on my dung list at the moment but I’ll get to that. When I served the wet food, Skyler was sulking about something and didn’t eat.  At 4am she began throwing her little 4.4 pound self against our bedroom door, over and over again until I got up.  I picked her up and carried her downstairs, and as we made our way down she bit me in the neck!  The little vampire didn’t break the skin but it hurt, and when I went back to bed I smelled of tea tree oil, which I had applied as a precaution to the irritated skin.  She did NOT get what she wanted, instead she landed in the penalty box, our first floor bathroom, because she wouldn’t give up.

😦  Upon my arrival back in the royal bed chamber, and snuggling back in under the blanket, just as my adorable, princess head hit the pillows…very bad dog began to whine.  Yes THAT whine that spawned the writing of the post, Late Night Notes To Self.  For the second time in the past 4 days, my very bad dog ate the cat’s food.  That canned stuff rips her apart inside resulting in the worst doggie diarrhea.  Not just in lack of form but in smell!  I wasted NO time getting that dog outside.  She spent a solid 5 minutes purging herself of the first round of hell, while I stood there in my jammies freezing.  There was no way I was taking time to get a coat, that particular cry of “incoming” from a dog implies you are going to be lucky if you get the pooch outside in time.  And I thought it was nearly over from the last round. She had returned to nearly normal stools, and other than filling my office with the most wretched puppy farts yesterday, she was back to normal. ARGH!

😦  Once back in my room again, I couldn’t sleep right away.  Seems standing outside in the wind blowing 29 degree air around will wake you up rather quickly.  So, I was laying there reading twitter posts from over night.  I was on my side to keep my phone’s glow from bothering the King of the Man-Castle, as he had finally returned to a soft snore beside me.  Yes, Psycho and Naughty Dog both had wakened him as well.  My nose began to run.  You know that trickle that will run right out of your nostril if you don’t catch it? Yep that one.  And I wasn’t about to blow my nose and rouse the poor man again.  So, with a tissue folded up and stuffed against my nose, I continued to read.  Totally sexy image, I know.


🙂  In the 30 minutes I spent reading through Twitter and Facebook, I stumbled on comments to one of my posts that had me struggling not to laugh out loud, as I was trying so hard not to disturb the King Knight.  It reminded me of a text I had sent my daughter that said if she discovered a cute basket on her porch with her dog in it, that it wasn’t me.  But auto-correct had changed it to a cute bakery.  I am certain my dear Bubbles would have been very delighted to discover a bakery on her porch.  I’ll share the post that had me laughing for Dessert today.

🙂  One of my favorite bloggers, The Bloggess, had been busy tweeting over night and I was enjoying her tweets:

I have this theory that everyone on the internet hates (but can’t look away from) the random train-wreck of one stranger they want to stab.

…And then I think that maybe I’m someone’s random person who needs to be stabbed. And I feel special. That’s not healthy, right?

Seriously. Even the kindest people I know have one person they follow that they want to scream at for being an asshole..

…I think it’s somewhat therapeutic though. Find your asshole.

Ew. That last tweet did not stand alone well.

I was laughing and agreeing (in my head because I was trying hard to be quiet).  My asshole is not a stranger, I don’t really wish to stab her, but yep I’d say she is a train wreck and a source of endless entertainment and inspiration.

🙂  Ah my life, filled with situations, experiences, and people that give me so much to work with in writing my novels.  You just can’t make this stuff up!


One quick note: there is NOTHING amusing about texting and driving!!! It is strictly the comments by the friend that are funny to me.  Please please, when the car is moving, put your phone down!!


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  1. I think I am going to convince the kids that fish are the perfect pets. because I am pretty sure they don’t fart at all. And hubby cleans their tank. Maybe they will stop begging for a cat or dog. then again, stinky fart contests do happen around here, when mama is out of the room, so that might not convince them.
    Love your friends’ voice texts gone wrong. LOL

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