Friday On Saturday Confessional

SPOILER ALERT: If you have NOT watched SOA this week, stop reading now!

Running down the sidewalk like someone trying to catch up with Daryl Dixon and out run a zombie herd, pulling open the door and running for the confessional (thankfully in gym shoes so the noise is minimized), I slide in behind the curtain, out of breath but under the wire before Aubrey locks the doors.

I confess…

WOW has it been a week!  Call it auditing the books, I refer to it as financial forensics.  Either way it is tedious and mentally taxing work.  I’m not done yet, but that is okay, I will spend tomorrow working hard at that while my Knight is at work.

I confess…

I am still reeling from Sons Of Anarchy this week, the season finale.  I cannot believe that Kurt Sutter killed off Tara in the show. I was shocked, upset, it is a tissue time if there ever was one.  And a lesson that if you get mixed up in the kind of life that is led by a bunch of 1%ers in an MC, well your life expectancy is likely drastically shortened.  Love may indeed cover a multitude of sins, but all actions have consequences.  Sutter likes to be very realistic, and having had my wild and crazy few months around an MC, let’s just say I shouldn’t be at all surprised.

I confess…

I have 7 different blog posts started for my 2 pages, and cannot seem to focus on one long enough to wrap it up.  My brain is all over the place but hopefully when they are finished  I can get them posted.  At least I have something in the works.

I confess…

I was up reading a GREAT book last night that my friend, Cinful Cinnamon was discussing in her recent post the other day (click the link as it will take you to the specific post) and I couldn’t put it down.  I’m an oddball, or better said in the book, a misfit.  I’ve not fit in to the mold of what society deems “normal” my entire life.  Mom probably was clued into that when as a preschool/kindergarten aged kid I wore red socks with a pink dress.  Being ‘different’ has it’s draw backs but that never seems to stop me from charting my own, albeit more difficult, path in life.  I recommend this book.  I’m only near the beginning and already slap the Marvelous Marti endorsement upon it.

I confess…

I’m just a little bummed that it is raining and the snow is melting outside.  I want a white Christmas.  Plenty of time for that to occur still, but I am in more of a holiday mood with snow out there.


  1. I know how you feel about the blog posts…its hard to keep up when so much is going on with life and work.

    There’s still time for your white Christmas. I hope you get it (as long as we don’t in SC).

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend.

  2. I think our minus 20 weather this week will ensure that our snow stays LONG after Christmas. But one more fresh fall of snow before then would be nice. there’s not quite enough to have a good sled ride on the hill just yet.
    I was debating about starting watching SOA as soon as I am caught up with Downton Abbey (now there’s a switch of life styles!! ha)…….I heard it was pretty gritty realistic drama.

    • yes it is, very realistic. Thankfully far from that and no desire to be near it. I’d be more comfy in Downton Abbey.

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