Last Chance To Do It For FREE!

On Sunday, 11/24/13, it will be the last chance to sign up for free to have your own Jewelry In Candles business.

I tell you this because I know how hard it can be to get a little extra pocket money, or to gather up the money you might need for Christmas.

Jewelry in Candles is a great company.  They just started in April of this year, and their business is BOOMING!  They increased 1000% in a month, which isn’t too shabby.  This comes from folks trying their great, 100% soy candles and finding them to be just that, super!  The scents are delicious and the jewelry is great.  Your piece (you pick a ring, necklace or earrings) is worth $10 to several thousand dollars.  Every ring I have so far is sterling silver and I LOVE them.  You also get to pick your ring size, which is another great feature.

Commissions (paid by direct deposit on the 15th and 30th of the month – giving you 2 “paydays” before Christmas!!!)  are 30% just off your store orders, and then 6% and 4% off downline members of your team.  For a start up company they have been surprisingly on top of things.  While orders being shipped have run a tad behind lately due to the massive increase in sales, they are quickly getting caught up.  Right now, if you sign up, until Sunday it is FREE.  Your website is free, there are no minimum sales requirements and you won’t need to purchase a kit (provided you do it before the end of Sunday).  But trust me you will want one.  At least the sample scents and your own candle.

My first purchase was a cinnamon candle and it smells SO good.  Then apple harvest candle and tarts.  Again outstanding scents.  I love them.  And now? The holiday scents have been released.  I’ve been very surprised how well my store is selling products as I get the word out.  I also hosted a Facebook online party one evening for 45 minutes making a nice bunch of sales and my hostess earned a free candle.  I will gladly do a party for you if you want to earn free candles! Contact me and we’ll set it up, it is simple and fast!

If you are not interested in owning/running your own direct sales business, perhaps you’d be interested in the candles themselves?  We also have the wax tarts for the tart warmers, and those come with the jewelry too!

If you are interested, I’d love to have you on my team!  Just go to MY CANDLE STORE and click “become a rep” next to my photo.  But do it before Sunday passes or you will have to purchase a kit in order to be a rep.  Or just shop now for Christmas!  What a great gift idea, 100% soy candles that have a piece of jewelry in them!  Long after the candle has gone the necklace, earrings or ring will be there to remind the recipient of your great gift!

Want to do a little “Black Friday” savings now?  Order by 12/1/13 to ensure delivery for Christmas!  When you are done shopping, at the check out, use this code to save 20% on your order:  SHOPWITHME

Here are some of the awesome holiday scents, and you can check out the others in my store!



  1. Darn it honey, I wish I had seen this sooner. I saw these candles this spring and wondered how good a company it would be. I’ve heard some good things about them. Maybe they will offer the free sign up again sometime..

    Now, excuse me while I go snoop through your catalog. I’m assuming that link up there is going to take me to your web site.

    Happy thanksgiving
    The Queen.

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