Friday Confessional ~ On Saturday

WOW what a week, it flew by!

And here it is, confessional time already.

Grab a seat and some coffee, time to confess.

I confess…

I have a serious addiction to ‘Scandal’.  And…

Sons of Anarchy


Blue Bloods

The Walking Dead

Those are the shows I HAVE to see each week, it is sad but true.

I confess…

I have to practically block calendar time to play Candy Crush Saga or it would dominate my life.  I know, that too is sad.  But I love the game! We even had an expert in for a class in managing priorities that said it is a great game to use as a break to re-stimulate the brain.  My problem is that it is like crack for me, once I start it is hard to stop.  I steer away from it unless I am home, or on the ferry, with nothing else to do.  Some folks have a magazine rack or a book shelf in the bathroom. Me? I…well never mind.

I confess…

This is being written on Saturday because I was way too busy at work on Friday to take lunch and write.  But that is okay, busy at work means we are all employed and we are all rather fond of our jobs.  Okay most days.

I confess…

It is a great morning!  Slept in, and I slept like a downed tree last night.  Caught up on my shows before I went to bed, slept in until 9:30am.  My laundry is started, and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee with a kitten in my lap.  That is the way to write!  Hmm.. maybe some time working on my book today is in order too.

I confess…

It was raining last night by the time I finished dinner and dishes so I could not walk the dog.  I could use an umbrella, but having a wet dog, which results in a stinky dog, didn’t seem like a good option.  I’ll just walk her twice today!

I confess…

I’m off to find shoes to make my Saturday Shoe Lust post with, which is a total pleasure because I really love shoes!  Well looking at them. I hate wearing shoes.  Give me socks thanks.


  1. I definitely share your addiction to The Walking Dead….. and oh my gosh…Daryl!!!! He’s a-gonna flip ole Rick in the muddy pig pen I think!! Can’t wait for tonight. I started catching up on episodes of Sons of Anarchy too. But my newest one is Game of Thrones. My mom gave me the 1st season and now I have to go find the 2nd Season. Love the medieval scandals and back stabbing and ladies of honour and men of courage. Oh my gosh…. seriously draws me in.
    Candy Crush on the other hand. Not going there. I’d probably never get off the “john”!! LOL

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