Meow It Forward!!!!

I just saw this on the Urgent Ohio Dogs Facebook Page this morning and wanted to share it.

While I feel that an outdoor “pet” is not a pet at all, but a neighborhood nuisance, I also get that some cold hearted folks will just set cats loose rather than do something humane like find a new forever home for them.  Cold weather is NOT a good thing for those outdoor felines, they are not made to withstand the cold.  And if you are like me and at maximum crazy cat lady capacity, or simply cannot take them in for some other reason, you might feel frustrated that you cannot help rescue every little 4 legged furry one out there.

We can still help!  Put out a shelter for them.  It will cost about $10 and just might save the life of a cat!

Here are the instructions direct from the Facebook page mentioned above:

INSTRUCTIONS- You will need the following:

1. Rubbermaid Container
2. Styrofoam Cooler
3. Straw
4. Utility Knife
5. Tape
6. Bowl
7. Marker or Pen
8. Hair Dryer

Stand the Rubbermaid box on one end…… take the bowl and trace a circle with your pen around the edges to form the “entrance” …… Use your hair dryer to “warm” the circle up (so it’s easier to cut) after 3-5 minutes of blowing hot air on the circle take your utility knife and carefully cut the circle out….. place a layer of straw/hay on the BOTTOM of the rubbermaid container… (if you do not have hay/straw tonight you can use newspaper, (crumpled up for extra insulation) and place a layer on the bottom——- then place the styrofoam container inside the rubbermaid container and using the hole on the rubbermaid container take your pen and trace a hole on styrofoam (then cut the hole out) once that is finished pack all sides (between rubbermaid container and styrofoam container with hay/straw and or an insulator… pack it tightly…. the more protection they have the better…. place hay/straw inside of stryofoam box also (enough for a bed— (fill it up about 35-40% (they need room to get in and snuggle) ….. Place Lid on styrofoam container and tape it shut- then place rubbermaid lid on…… I usually write on the lid “FERAL CAT PROJECT DO NOT REMOVE” (people tend to leave it alone if something is written on the top) if you do not have one or two of the things needed ——– improvise there are lots of things that would work and it doesn’t have to be perfect just warm.

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  1. What a great idea!! People are pretty good around here about not letting their cats roam the neighborhood. We had someone come door to door earlier to remind everyone that technically cats have the same rules as dogs and they are not supposed to be allowed out of the house to wander freely. but people do anyway.
    I fear if I did this project on my street…..the wild turkeys would be in the box! LOL

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