From Over The Brim Of My Coffee Mug

Coffee cup with steamIt’s Sunday morning in the Palace.  I’m almost entirely awake but coffee is slow to break the blood brain barrier.  This, I believe, is thanks to the Sleepy Time Extra tea I drink before going to bed.  It has Chamomile and Valerian root.  I love the taste, and the warmth of course is soothing, but those two items also bring out the desired sleepy effect.  Mild yet effective, no feeling of drugged or sluggish, and safer than addictive medications.  I love it.

As I’ve been working on my book I’ve come to realize that my life has been anything but boring.  So many adventures, ups and downs, I had forgotten so many things.  As I start writing each time the flood gates open and wow, just wow.  Not to worry, it won’t be a tabloid or some juvenile attempt at slamming others.  I prefer to write something that might help, encourage or even inspire others, men too but primarily women, who find themselves past that crazy time following a divorce and starting over in mid-life.  There will be very open, raw honesty about many things, as well as humor and joy.  And there will be novels in time, fiction based on reality.  I’m writing one of those while writing the non-fiction book, it is book one in my series about a wacky, middle aged couple trying to put the spark back into their life.  And yes, loosely based on real life adventures, it will be twisted enough that even if you think you recognize yourself, you likely don’t.  Well not perfectly anyway. 🙂

Today is football day, first game for the Bengals official season and thankfully out of town so it is on TV.  We’ll be enjoying it at BDubs which is the Knight’s traditional hangout for such events, with a friend or sometimes friends, as I understand it.  I love it.  Jersey is ready to go, just need to shower and get into it later.  For now it is still sip coffee and veg time.

One of the decisions I referred to the other day is related to working.  I am debating if I should go on and get my state testing to go along with my Nurse Aide certification, and look into working part time at a nursing home.  It has it’s down side, no doubt.  There is nothing easy about caring for elderly patients who need the same assistance an infant would in many cases.  Diaper changes, feeding etc., it is a physically demanding job, but your heart is also required to do it right.  No compassion and you don’t belong there.  I have the heart for it, and still physically capable, just not sure.  It is indeed a job where your work is appreciated and has value.  Many of the residents have no ability to say thank you but it is often in their eyes.  And I know that the nurses very much appreciate your efforts, if they are good nurses.  They cannot do their jobs without good aides.  Aides themselves are a dime a dozen, but good ones, those are rare and priceless.  My mom and sister both work in the industry and once in a while have asked if I have considered it.  I got the certification before I found my current job, but it is there as a backup.  My instructor wrote me a long note in my evaluation about the heart and compassion I have for the elderly and my residents when I did my clinicals, it just isn’t something one can fake.  There is no glory in wiping poop off the butt of an old soul, or feeding someone who cannot keep it all in their mouth so after breakfast you clean them up, again.  Moving them from bed to wheel chair and back, rolling them over so they don’t get bed sores, and even visiting with them and hearing the same story over and over again because they have no idea they just told you..5 minutes ago.  And 12 hour shifts are long and difficult, as there just are not enough hours in a day and you never stop moving.  But deep inside it lit a spark in me, a flame of something I had never felt before when it comes to these dear folks.  I need to be valued in what I do.  I’ve worked jobs where I was stressed out all of the time wondering how long that job was going to last, and constantly living with the idea that your job is threatened (and not because you aren’t doing it, but because the company is in financial trouble, or over personal issues), is no picnic.  Not to mention if you are of value to a company you wouldn’t have to ever feel that way!  One, 12-hour weekend day each week would be a nice chunk of change, and there is plenty of full time work available if I find I want to go that route, with loads of overtime at my discretion and medical benefits.  Oh what to do what to do.  The money making potential is high, but I also love what I do now.  SIGH.  And part time will lead to full time, I know this, they need good aides full time right now.  But again, I love what I am doing at the moment.  *head to desk*

Well, I guess what to do for the moment, is go get in the shower.  There is a game today, my Bengals are playing, and I need to be ready to roll!  I’ve sucked down enough coffee that I could probably crawl across the ceiling if I gave it shot!