Friday Confessional


It is FRIDAY baby!

And I am so thankful, as this was a busy, annoying week!

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I confess…

I am not myself today.  No idea who I am but feel totally out of sync with myself.  Weirdness.

I confess…

I have some decisions to make and just not positive which way to go.  Time for prayer and waiting, as usually I find the writing is right there, on the wall, in bold print, if I just relax, meditate on the Word of God, and open up to what I already know in my heart.

I confess…

I really wanted to go with the Knight to the football game (his eldest plays in the band) but I just am not up to it.  I’m exhausted, the allergies have been hell this week, and I just want my jammies and a glass of wine and my blankie.  Oh and of course books, lots of them, probably a dozen on the Kindle that I need and want to read at the moment.

I confess…

Tea sounds delightful too, only something that won’t make me sleepy.  ::Thinking:: cinnamon apple spice. Yep that would do it.  SIGH…means I need make a stop at the store though.  Even BIGGER SIGH.  Sticking to Chamomile, the dog was with me and she had a huge fit when I went in to buy oil for the car without her.  A trip to the grocery store and she might have had a stroke.

I confess…

I was very happy that Charlie Hunnam got cast as Christian Grey for the movie based on the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, as he is one of my favorite actors.  Makes me want to re-read the books again!

I confess…

I need to go home, chill and rest up.  I have a fantastic workshop to attend tomorrow and need to be as close to 100% ME again by 9am tomorrow.


  1. I lost my zen zone this week. Seems a lot of people did. Must have been something in the water. Cheers to returning to the zone!

  2. I hope you’re feeling better!!! I know how you feel with the allergy symptoms. I thought that Ian Somerhalder was going to play Christian Grey. :/ Who is the actor who won the role? I’m not sure I know who he is….

  3. I’m doing the jammies and reading thing this evening. Hope you feel better soon. It sounds like everyone is a little run down this week.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  4. I have a Kindle, I have hundreds of books. I do not have wine, but I do have gin and tonic. Between the great bat hunt (coming to blog stories soon), stress at work, and just in general “omg what just happened” stuff this week, I’m joining you as soon as I get my jammies on. Slid over on the couch, I’m fat.

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