Thursday Schnitzles – Cows In The Cabbage

For those unaware, ‘schnitzles’ is a German word, meaning a cutlet of meat (usually veal), or a shaving.  Growing up, whenever we did crafty stuff or tore the edge off our notebook paper, mom referred to those pieces of paper as “paper schnitzles”.  This was usually said as “who left all these paper schnitzles all over the floor?”  Today, it is thought schnitzles, lots of little things that on their own don’t make for post, but bundled add up to something.

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery.  I had set my alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier than usual in order to not have to rush around in the morning to get ready for work.  It should be noted that I still had to rush around like a freshly decapitated chicken.  Today, I once again set the alarm for that 15 minute earlier mark and did not have have to rush around.  The difference?  Well, it seems that it is most effective if one gets out of bed and starts the day the first time the alarm goes off, without hitting the snooze alarm.  Multiple times.  Who knew?  I do plan to conduct further research into this discovery.

A drawbridge over a moat to a castle.As you may recall from a previous post, Bed Bully Beatdown, there is a monster lurking in the bedroom of the Castle.  That is, I snore.  The Knight made the comment last night that he wondered which nose (ie: monster) would be making an appearance as we slumbered.  He says this with his eyes closed, laying there all innocent looking on his pillow, barely able to contain his “I’m about to get kicked” mischievous grin.  I offered to go get a nose strip and wear that ultra-sexy piece of flesh colored attire to bed, but he said it was okay, as long as he falls asleep before I do it isn’t an issue.  He says I only do it when I first fall asleep, but once in a deeper stage of shut-eye it stops.  Poor guy, trying so hard to arrive in dreamland ahead of me.  How DOES he handle that much pressure?

The cows are trooping through my cabbage!  I grew the prized heads on my farm in Farmville2 and when my cow leveled up in mastery (I only raise the best), Marie (some local bimbo in a straw hat who thinks she knows it all about the finer points of pixeled agriculture) shows up on my land with a bunch of her cows to dance and celebrate, and they trampled through my award winning heads of cabbage.  I did not RSVP to host this little party.  No doubt she is jealous of my green thumb!  Thankfully it did not harm those ribbon worthy vegetables of mine or I’d have marched on over to Marie’s farm and set her prized carrots on fire.

My weight loss journey has come to a halt.  I prefer to think of it as a stop in the rest area on the highway of  fat reduction.  I have not gained anything but haven’t lost another pound.  This might be the addition of ice cream in the evening.  Or the fact that I’m not walking every day.  Perhaps it is both?  In my defense, the Knight (aka King of the Castle) has forced the ice cream down my throat and wraps around my legs, pleading with me to stay there by his side, gracing the room with my beauty.  (touche, my love!)

The fruit flies are back.  Once again trash was not emptied in the office and the little pests are now all over the facility.  Oh lucky me.  That combined with the lack of air conditioning, my Yorkie and the boss’s large, smelly hound dog, is only adding to the whole rain forest ambience of our work place.  Any minute now I expect to see a baboon go swinging by on a vine with Tarzan and Jane hot on its tail and a giraffe nibbling on the display of roofing shingles in the show room.

Oh well, back to the jungle, there is work to be done.  Wishing all my readers a marvelous Friday Eve!