A Mickey-D’s Morning Musings

Similar to my frequent Coffee Musingsonly I’m musing over McDonald’s breakfast with a huge, fountain, Diet Coke.  Because I had enough coffee already today, it’s too stinking warm in this office with no A/C for anymore coffee, and fountain style is the greatest way to have Diet Coke.  I have no idea where we’re heading today, only that I need to write.

First order of business, PLEASE do me a huge favor, my marvelous readers, and go vote for my son as Cincy’s Hottest Dad.  I realize beauty and hottness are in the eyes of the beholder, but as a mom I am biased as hell and his wife is too.  And he could win a $1,000 shopping spree, which if I know him will be used more on the wife and kids than himself.  And besides, odds are you don’t know anyone in this particular contest so help a sister out here. Click -> HERE <-  to vote.  You need to register your email to have your vote count, and can vote daily!  Please do and please spread the word. Thank you, wonderful readers!

Life in the castle just got better last night, as if that were even possible.  First, my cat, Pixel, finally decided to venture up from the lower level bathroom where the litter box is located, and explore the house.  This while we were up and active.  I strongly suspect she comes up at night, as there is no way one cat is eating all of that food herself.  But her making her way up while the Knight and I were watching TV is fantastic.  Sunday it will be 2 weeks since I relocated her to the castle, and while I know it can take 2 full weeks for them to get confident and venture out, I was getting worried about her, down there in the bathroom, residing behind the toilet.

The other reason life got even better in the castle?  We got cable!!!!  The Knight has a wonderful, HD, projection TV…9×15 foot!!! It totally rocks.  He plays Call Of Duty on it.  I wanted to watch The Walking Dead and other favorites on it.  Now I can! WOOHOOO!  I love this TV!  Not nearly as much as I love him, mind you, but what a perk!  And those zombies look scarier and their brain splatter nastier on that large of a screen.  AWESOME! Just have to get my hands on the remote (*wink*).

1010260_641335462560958_218663362_nOkay I am trying SO hard to be patient as I adjust to the horribly rotten “different” driving habits of Kentucky drivers.  I am now a Kentucky resident so I am one of them and need to become “one” with them on the highway.  But I just don’t see that this can happen.  These folks SUCK as drivers!  REALLY they are terrible!  One of the worst, deadliest stretches of highway in the United States is supposedly the I75/71 “cut in the hill” in northern Kentucky, at least I had heard that it was at one time.  It isn’t in the top 10, or even 15 that I can find.  It is a very steep grade, I will give you that.  But honestly, is it necessary to come to a complete stop before venturing downward?  I’ve skateboarded on steeper hills folks!  I kid you not, we’re moving along a decent clip, heading north, when suddenly traffic stops.  I swear I can hear the other drivers, “OMG!!! THE CUT IN THE HILL, SLOW DOWN OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!”  Yesterday it was going south, which is UPHILL on this stretch.  Again, dead stop.  If traffic comes to a complete halt, I expect to see bloody carnage, severed body parts and shattered glass strewn across the lanes, crumbled cars, maybe one on its top and a random bumper to add some drama to the scene.  I simply cannot, with my lead foot, conform to the Chicken Little ways of my new community.

Okay now on to the serious sex part.  Hey, I get that sex sells, I really do.  Men are just horn-dog animals (Pigs according to the ex-oinker, King of said swine).  But really, am I the only one disturbed by the lack of respect for the sanctity of marriage?  I stumbled on a show, Mistresses, and I am really disappointed.  Oh I know, what did I expect with that title, but really?   No one on this show has any respect for marriage. NO ONE.  All the leading ladies are bed hoppers except the one, a widow, who has discovered her dear, departed spouse was carrying on a multi-year affair and had a love child. I can accept and deal with the lesbian couple (so far they seem to be the only ones faithful to one another), but everyone else is either married and banging others or single and doing the sheet mambo with someone who is married.  Is it any wonder that marriage and life long fidelity is almost unheard of anymore?  Even supposedly devout Christians have a huge problem in this area.  Lured by images, tv shows, movies, magazines the temptation just keeps growing and folks cannot seem to resist and lean on their vows.

Years ago when the ex-oinker had ‘issues’, he worked through a fantastic book called Every Man’s Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Timeby Steve Arterburn.  Not only was it super for him, there is a section in every chapter for the wife/girlfriend that helps her understand men and their sexual needs.  Though I haven’t read it yet, but it is on my book bucket list on my Kindle, there is one for the gals too, Every Woman’s Battle: Discovering God’s Plan for Sexual and Emotional Fulfillmentby Shannon Ethridge (forward by Steve Arterburn).   (Every Woman’s Desire is a great book, not just for the women, but for men to read to really understand us women and what we desire…but it is pricey and not on Kindle.  I’m going to check my local library for it because it can’t hurt me to read it again)  I really do not know all the answers, but ladies, meet his needs! Men, fulfill her desires!  COMMUNICATE and learn about what the other needs and stay faithful!  Oh, and the book Love and Respect is awesome too, though I’m learning “respect” is defined differently from man to man, so ASK him what it means to him.  I’m waiting for the Knight to define it in his terms for me, as showing him respect is paramount in my heart.

I no longer will ever accept infidelity in a relationship.  One strike, zero tolerance, it is O-V-E-R.  Temptation? WALK, no wait, RUN THE HELL FROM IT! If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, tend to your own and maybe it will green up!

The storms have blown through, now I’m working and listening to multiple scanners hoping to find work to dispatch my crews too. More work equals more money.  I am all about getting those finder bonuses!  Guess it is time to get back to what I’m paid to do.  Ya’ll have a marvelous day!


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