Friday Confessional – Saturday Style

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*Due to a busy day and a fairly pissy mood, I didn’t FEEL like confessing on Friday.  But Aubrey is such a wonderful meme/hop hostess she won’t mind me letting it all fly today.*

I confess… 

Yesterday sucked for the most part.  From the time I rolled out of bed dragging butt tired right up to laying on my bed in the middle of the afternoon sweating buckets from the humidity, it just sucked.  If it could go wrong yesterday, it did.  Until I arrived at my honey’s house, then things improved 200% simply because he is who he is and always makes me laugh.  And he is just hot.  And looking at him and feeling my heart swell up with love for this guy just does wonders.

I confess…

If looks could kill, the boss and a slew of others I bumped into yesterday would be in the early stages of decomp at the moment.

I confess… 

I sleep better when I’m with him.  No clue why other than I just do.

I confess… 

There will never be enough time in my life to read all of the books I’ve added to my Kindle….but I keep adding them anyway.

I confess…

I just polished off a great bowl of oatmeal and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m finally losing my muffin top, I’d go for another.  Ah, self control.

I confess…

I’m about to go finish reading a really good book that is eating at me to see how it ends. Unintended Consequences, a freebie on Kindle a while back, has been really good!


  1. My ereader is not even charged right now. battery as dead as a doornail. once I get done reading blogs, there’s no time to read an actual book. Maybe this summer while the kids play. but people tend to frown on mom’s who are using electronic devices while their children play. Gimme a break….at 42, I’ve been down enough slides. I just want to sit in the shade of a tree now.

  2. I have to say that I do the same thing…just pile the books onto the kindle…I will never be able to read them all…lol…just keep adding them on…also “bought” that one…have not read it yet though…
    PS love these posts…even if I don’t always comment…Pinkim:)

  3. I like the Cap’n Crunch cartoon! 😀
    I really need to go through my Goodreads TBR list and delete half of the books on there because reading is supposed to be fun, and that list is stressing me out. Does your Kindle stress you out with so many unread books on there?

    Linking from Aubrey’s blog,
    Ricki Jill

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