Wine & Brain Sex

iStock_000006082518XSmallI have no clue what brain sex really is, if there is a true definition.  To me, it is just mental stimulation, some fact, some fiction, some comedy, all pleasurable.  As for the wine, I’m sipping that as I write.

So what, you might ask, is stimulating the Marvelous one’s mind tonight?  Well those who follow my blog, and anyone in my life who ever took the time to find out my dreams, knows I’ve always wanted to write novels.  Writing is therapy for me, and my writing courses in both high school and college (as recently as 10 years ago or so) are where I excelled.  Many in my blog audience have commented openly and privately that I should write a book or a few, being fans of my style.  Even the ex-hubby often admitted that I was talented at expressing myself in written words.  At one point he even mentioned a fellow fire fighter had written a book, and suggested I speak to him, though that never came about.

For years I’ve talked about it, but lack of confidence seems to be what held me back.  In the past 3 years I’ve talked a lot more off the blog to folks about writing, and even have a pen name picked out.

I’ve moved past the lack of confidence, and in fact have several different novels in the early, outlining works, and one possible memoir.  I thought it might be fun to write a prequel to that book I mentioned a few weeks back, Construction Barbie.  Thought I might title it:  My Life With Ryan: Zelda’s Story.  Since it would be a memoir, I could just let it all fly and not worry about weak attempts to fictionalize people and places.  The tell-all work would be a true enlightenment for not only Barbie, but many others who believe old Ryan to be someone he is not.  Guess after 22+ years of finding fault in his colorful, now ex-wife, old “Ryan” forgot Zelda knows a LOT of his skeletons that, despite his claims are not on the couch in full view but still locked up in the closet.  The literary attempt of build-it Babs severed any loyalty I felt toward old thinks-far-more-highly-of-himself-than-he-should Ryan to keep his secrets.  Trust me when I say it will make for page turning good reading, truth is far stranger and more entertaining than fiction.  It might, however, be best to change names and places to protect the innocent, such as my children and grandchildren, and just call it a work of fiction and leave it under my pen name.

My life is just one large, vibrant, colorful story that woven into fiction would make for great reading.  So, that is what I am working on tonight, the very beginning stages of novels.  Outlining and creating characters, developing them and doing pre-work.  A few devoted readers of my blog may be asked to proof read and help me edit chapters as things are written, as I know they will be objective (Joe and Cinnamon for example).


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