Friday Confessional

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*beebopping along to the loud music playing in the background, I dance my way over to the virtual confessional to let it all out*

I confess… 

I have had about a half a cup of coffee today, which should mean I might have slightly homicidal tendencies on any other day, or at least be driven by random episodes of road rage on the highway.  But it is Friday, I have a mega large, fountain Diet Coke I’m sucking down so I have caffeine, and everyone played extra nice on I-75N this morning.  I’m not sure if I should be disappointed or super thankful about that.

I confess…

The Diet Coke is from McDonald’s.  I was running behind and my brain was just not yet in the game from the lack of coffee, so I treated myself to a completely unhealthy breakfast sandwich, bagel/steak/egg/cheese and hash browns.  I seriously do not feel a bit guilty about it either.

I confess… 

my officeI really love my office!!!  I actually look forward to coming to work to be in my space and knocking out what needs doing.  It still needs some decorating but I seriously have no complaints.  Doesn’t hurt that I totally love this job, makes it all awesome!

I confess… 

I LOVE that we have trees right in front of the building and the one by the front door coming into the office/showroom is a magnolia tree, which had beautiful blossoms on it.  However, every time someone comes through the door from outside, or we leave it propped open for the spring breezes, the showroom is covered in petals.  I’m over the beauty of it all now, tired of vacuuming the carpet in the show room to stay ahead of the flower debris invasion. I do want to put a humming bird feeder outside of my window, and maybe a bird feeder for the other feathered friends of the area.

I confess… 

I am SO glad it is Friday! I am so exhausted lately.  I have fallen asleep sitting up reading the past two nights and I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!  I’ve busted my tail and deserve it with working 2 jobs.

I confess… 

I was contemplating buying a new car, well leasing one.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Instead I spent the money to have the rack and pinion fixed so that I can keep  driving my car for a while longer.  I gave up waiting on the ex-hubster to keep his word to fix the shocks/struts (he kept saying he would for years prior to the divorce and when we were splitting up he gave me his word he would still fix them), hell is likely to freeze over first.  So once I pay off the steering fix, I will get those shocks done, and then I think I want to have my car wrapped for my Avon business.  I LOVE what our company vehicles look like, the designers at the place that did the wraps are great so it would be worth the money to have it done.

So, have anything you need to confess this week? Click the cute little girl up top of this post and link up, let it out, you’ll feel better!


  1. Your office is awesome! Such a nice big window. I don’t usually like McDonald’s but there is something so addicting about their breakfast.

  2. I love the new office. So pretty, and the wall color is really the perfect shade of pink.

    I didn’t realize that you sell Avon. If I give you my address, will you send me a catalogue?

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Hope that you had a fabulous weekend!

  3. I am a big dumbass (no confession needed on that one I’m sure) but I didn’t know this was a link-up. I’m gonna use it today. Thanks !!!

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