Shameless Self Promotion!

I try not to push sales on my blog page, as this is kind of my therapist couch here.  It is where I come to write, vent, etc, and it helps keep me sane.

But today, I’m coming to my readers to shamelessly promote my Avon business.  I have until March 13th to hit my sales goals and make President’s Club again.  To do that, I need to have $1,900 in sales by that date.  It makes the difference in 20% vs 40% commission on my sales.  I’ve been distracted from my sales because of my new job and now I need to really push hard to get them so that I finish out the sales year on the high note.

So, what I’m asking  you, my readers, is that if you are a fan of Avon, or ever thought about checking it out, that you consider an online order from me!  You can shop the current brochure from the comfort of your computer, pay online (orders over $30 ship FREE), and your order will be delivered direct to your door usually in 3-5 days!!!!

Just go to my store (, then click “shop my eBrochure” and you can see the latest brochures to order from!  Cosmetics, bath & body, fashion, jewelry, fragrance, home items…Avon has a wide variety including a leading skin care line, ANew!