Fat Tuesday Kiddie Meal Musings

Yes I AM devouring a kid’s meal.  A McDonald’s Happy Meal to be exact.  And I will be entirely honest that the primary reason I purchased it was because of the toy in the meal, which is Hello Kitty.  Insane I know, but anything Hello Kitty, pink, or with bling and I’m on it.  The other reason is because the portions in a Happy Meal are more in line with normal eating portions, which I need to do.  They’ve decreased the fries, to a tiny container that had maybe 10 french fries, a good thing.  And added apple slices, a great thing!  And of course the toy. 🙂  This is the latest addition to my Hello Kitty collection, perched on my laptop in front of my screen.  Yes I am at work, yes that is Facebook up behind her.  I am on my lunch break, something I had to actually do today or the body count was going to start rising and I need to save the ammo for the zombie apocalypse.


Today is Fat Tuesday, and that means the end of Mardi Gras (yes I am sporting my beads in the office today) and tomorrow being Ash Wednesday for Roman Catholics, the beginning of Lent.  I left the Catholic church in my early 20’s, and I now fall under the Reformed Baptist/Calvinist umbrella as far as my faith goes.  Most Protestant faiths do not, to my knowledge, practice Lent.  However with the right heart attitude and motive, that being for me to grow in my walk, it can be a good thing.  So, this year I’ve decided to participate.

While I am giving up something(s), I feel it is more important what I put INTO my life rather than remove.  In this case what I put in my daily life in place of what I give up, will benefit me in the long run on both a physical and spiritual front.

Beginning tomorrow, and until Easter Sunday arrives, I am giving up beer and sweets.  I’m very unhappy with my current weight and want to shed about 30 pounds by my 50th birthday.  That is in 94 days.  I have an incredible sweet tooth and LOVE junkie, fattening, sugary stuff.  And beer. I like a cold beer or 4, sometimes I will even have more.  Beer lands right next to the ice cream and chocolate…on my butt!  It must go.

In place of the junk food, sweets and beer I will drink herbal teas or water, and when hungry between meals grab a piece of fruit or raw veggies.  In the Diva Den we keep fruit and raw vegetables on hand so this won’t be a matter of not having what I should eat.  It will be a matter of curbing my desire for the crap.  I will also take a few minutes to pray and meditate on scripture when I’m feeling a strong urge to indulge in junk.  I have numerous passages I’d like to memorize, so it is win/win.

Daryl the YUM!

Speaking of zombies, I really hope The Walking Dead isn’t planning on taking out Daryl, one of the main characters and my weekly dose of YUM!  I will be beyond ticked if that is the plan.  I do appreciate that the show is not afraid to kill off their main characters at times, but they best not be thinking about eliminating Daryl.  I want him on my team when the zombies arrive, for the protection and well yes for the eye candy factor.

The claws did not last as long as I had hoped.  A fungus formed under 3 of the nails this time, so they had to go. Such is life.  I can type a lot faster than the average person, even faster than some seriously fast folks on a keyboard, but only if I am with very short nails.  I’m kicking tail today 🙂  and that is a good thing right now.

Darn, duty calls.  We just received more work in!  Yes, this is a good thing, it means $$$ coming in and business being good rocks.  But it means lunch is over and I need to go do what I do best, manage this office like the central nervous system of a fantastic body, which this company is, and as soon as the brain (read: boss) gets back here it will be time to go into high gear mode again. I LOVE this.


  1. I always choose the Happy Meal too…specifically for the portion size. But even that I have given up. I am so serious about ditching the fast food that the last 3 times I have let hubby take the kids to McDonald’s while I have stayed home munching on raw veggies. Then the brat brought home a hot apple pie with my coffee. UGGH!!! Can’t resist those. foiled again.
    Beer – that was a tough one too. I just indulge every now and then.
    Finally, I am now convinced I need to check out this show Walking Dead. He looks so tough!! And I mean that in the sexiest way 😉

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