Friday Confessional…On Saturday Night

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*comes running through the ‘sanctuary’ of Blogdom, in socks so as not to disturb anyone, slides past the confessional, falls and utters obscenities under breath…so much for trying to be quiet*

Okay, it is Saturday evening, in fact in 65 minutes it will be Sunday morning.  I’m late for Friday Confessional but I’m here, ready to spill it all out and thankfully Aubrey is a doll and left the door open for us better-late-than-never types.  So let’s get this all out there….

I confess… 
I just ran the clock down to 60 minutes because for some reason at 10:55pm popcorn and a cold beer sounded this side of outstanding so I had to run downstairs to pop some and grab a brew from the fridge in order to actually function.

I confess… 
I LOVE MY NEW JOB!  Just over 2 weeks into it and it is fantastic.

I confess… 
Regarding said job, I am COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED with the learning curve.  Trust me, I am not bragging, but I am one kick ass office manager who can multitask and seriously get it done.  But I’ve not worked in the Restoration industry.  While the job has many similarities to working as an admin in an IT department, and office manager at painting company as well as a heating and air company, it is as different as it is similar.

I confess… 
I might have thrown a highlighter at my boss Friday because I was stressed and he was being obnoxious…because he could…and it was funny.  But don’t tell him I’m overwhelmed and stressed out.  Hell, he reads my blogs, he will know.

I confess… 
The boss knows I am a tad stressed, he can tell at times.  And while I’m right 100% of the time when I go head to head with him, he was right twice this week.  I wasn’t wrong (because I am never wrong), he was just more right than I was those 2 times.

I confess… 
While with my daughter today, as she was having the final touches put on her large tattoo that has taken multiple sittings to complete, I experienced tremendous ink-envy.  But now, I will be fixing that.  I am starting to gather the images and ideas to send the artist to have my sleeve designed for my left arm.  I cannot wait to get it started.  I have 3 tattoos now, but I have so much more I want to do.  My addiction is long over due for a fix and the sound of the tattoo gun nearly sent me into DTs.

I confess… 
I plan to be better about posting this coming week, I hate not staying up on daily posts.


  1. Popcorn sounds really good right now, but it’s too early in the morning for a beer. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity later today, it being Super Bowl Sunday and all. I’ve been known to throw markers and pens when I get stressed as well…though usually at my husband.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous day!

  2. and now I want some popcorn and a cold beer!
    Ah, save it for tomorrow during the Superbowl – as I am certain it will be the only entertainment offered in my home tomorrow with hubby home.
    Glad to hear the job is going well. try not to throw anything at your boss this week – haha!

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