Oh, How Pinteresting

I found a new meme/hop to participate in on Wednesdays! My “Wine & Cheese” blog post will be up later today, but for now here are some of the things I’ve pinned lately that I want to try, remember or just thought rocked.

Because nothing beats working out and watching one of my favorite shows on TV


I LOVE unique pieces of jewelry and this one doesn’t require gaging my ear!


I thought it would make an awesome addition to my Etsy shop of handmade crochet items in the near future.


I thought this was SUCH a cool idea that I made them as Christmas gifts. Instead of gluing stuff to the frames, I gave lots of scenic background paper to enable the receivers to change it up a bit.  Included dry erase markers and walla, instant message boards.


This just cracked me up.


My sister-in-law does seedlings each year, and I thought of her, how easy it would be to start them in ice cream cones then just plant the entire cone, since it will dissolve in the ground!


Again, just made me laugh, I have a warped sense of humor.


LOVE pink anything, and this outfit is great!


Seriously adorable shoes!27936460160169837_EXMuGL8j_b

Being that I am a self proclaimed princess, thought I deserved a crown. But want to keep it somewhat inconspicuous as it would be rude to flaunt my royalty.  😉



  1. Today was my Pinterest Day — I try to only go on once a week……otherwise, I’d be on all week. ha
    I love the seedlings in a cone idea – I will try that this spring.
    And those shoes are seriously fierce!

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