Day 26 & 27 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

This is 2 days worth as I forgot to post it yesterday.

Day 26 – I am thankful for hot, running water.  Nothing says “ahhh” like a nice shower.  So many do not have their own place to live, let alone the ability to keep themselves clean.  I try not to take for granted things like indoor plumbing and a nice hot shower.

Day 27 – I am thankful today for my hair.  Yes hair.  I can color it, cut it, style it, or not.  As a female, vanity strikes deep in me at times.  And our hair is one of those things we are vain about.  But I’m thankful that it is just hair, and that our hair is not who we are, as many learn when going through chemo for cancer.  And this will all make sense later today with a guest post from someone close to me.  But meanwhile, I am thankful that for now, I have hair on my head.