Day 16 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

I’m thankful for my jobs…all 3 of them!

The first being childcare.  It is hard to call it a job really, the little girl I watch before and after school is a delight to the whole Diva Den.

My Avon business is great fun, and along with making money I get to help others find financial freedom and success.  Nothing is like watching someone succeeding and knowing that I helped!  It also doesn’t hurt that I get the products Avon makes at an outstanding discount, 40% as a President’s Club Member, which makes my budget stretch a LOT further.

And then there is my 3rd job, I’m a consultant with SwissJust.  In addition to being able to build a great direct sales business with a party plan style company, a first for me, I’m learning about the amazing power of aroma therapy and essential oils.  Things that have been known for a very long time but are coming back to the forefront as people look for healthy, non-chemical ways to improve their over all lives.  I’m fascinated as I try the various products and learn their benefits first hand.  And I’m able to recruit others to start their own direct sales business in a great, solid company, again providing them financial freedom options.

I get to work from home, be my own boss, lead a team while wearing  my jammies and meet some of the best people ever!

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