The Turning Point & Changing My Name

For the past few weeks I’ve been slowly slipping into a shallow pit of depression.  I say shallow because it hasn’t taken over, but I’m wading through it like a creek.   I really have been struggling to pull myself out of this funk and leave it behind me.

I’ve recently started following another blog, Time Out For Mom, and linking up to some of the hops/memes there.  Her post today included a video from Youtube of Amanda Gore.  It was too funny so I started watching other videos of Amanda and before  long I felt the tide within me shift.

I am, over all, a positive person.  I chose to be happy even when the sky is falling for the most part.  But once in a while that 5% (my glass of life is 95% full) manages to get a foot hold and I begin to jog down Negativity Lane.  When that happens depression starts to set in.  And that will impact a good chunk of my life.  For example, my Avon business is not going as I’d like it to be, due to some things beyond my control.  And my SwissJust business is not even to the launch pad yet.   Sure, somethings I cannot control. But I let the negative stuff start to nose into  my life and instead of fixing what I can, I did…nothing.  Well I threw a pity party for one and RSVP’d to attend and hadn’t left as of this morning.  Hey, I’m the life of the party and that meant  it went on until I leave. Right?  Well the party is OVER.

Amanda inspired me, and made me laugh.  And she granted me the title of CFF – Chief Fun Fairy.  She gave it to anyone that wants it, in fact.  Via this Youtube video below.

SO inspired that I have damned up the depression creek and rerouted it…out of here.

I cannot control many things in my life, like when the car putzes out despite doing my best to keep it running.  Or when things in a relationship just end. And some aspects of business are beyond my control.  But I AM able to manage, control and hold responsibility for my reaction to all things.  Something I’ve been studying about in fact via bible studies.  And I’ve changed course on this rough sea and decided to roll with the waves again.  And have FUN.

I love that in every video this woman is wearing bunny ears or goofy antennas.  As one that is trying to break the ice to talk to people about Avon and SwissJust, I realized that I was starring at a dollar store gold mine!  I’m buying every goofy pair of ears, antlers, antennas etc that I can find.  Maybe some fun tiaras and fairy wings too.  And of course the magic wand.  Everywhere I go I am going to attempt to go as a Fun Fairy.  Spreading joy (Oh  my One Word for 2012) wherever I happen to be.

Even if operating undercover (minus the antennas etc), I can be a Fun Fairy, a Chief Fun Fairy.  My Avon team loves when I send out emails full of fun, inspiration etc., why not do it more often in email and always, every day, with everyone?

Heck I may even buy a tutu or 12 to complete the look.

And I am changing my name to Marvelous Marti Fun Fairy Sugar Britches!


  1. I have many wands around here that my girls use — but this settles it: I am getting one of my own!
    Wonder if I can find one that will match the reindeer antlers I already have??

    Glad the video gave you the chuckles 🙂

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