November Goals

I LOVE this Linky Party!!! Please, anyone who blogs, join in! I’ve checked up on the past months over at My So-Called Chaos and you will not be sorry you joined in this one! I am going to do it on my spiritual journey blog too, as that one will be a different set of goals!

November Goals

  • Walk 5 times a week, rain or shine if outside, or inside on the treadmill, but walk and be up to 3 miles a day by the 30th of the month!
  • Drink 64 ounces of water every day (I’ve been easily dehydrated for months).
  • Healthy snacks, if I must snack, during the day.
  • Less coffee and more herbal tea.
  • Eat breakfast every day. (candy is NOT breakfast)
  • Start measuring portions on all food! Stop over eating.
  • 8 new team members to my Avon business by the 30th.

Okay those are realistic and very much needed!  Check back for a success report periodically and at the end of the month.


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