6 Drinks/Beverages I Love

As part of the 100 Things I Love, here are 6 drinks or beverages that I love!  Again, as with the other lists, no particular order is given.

Diet Coke – happens to be sitting on my desk at the  moment.  When it comes to sodas, I prefer diet as the regular stuff is just too sweet.  I also prefer diet Coke to diet Pepsi.  And a fountain version is always far better!

Coffee – another drink that happens to be sitting on my desk at the moment, a hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee.  I love coffee, especially flavored, and I drink it black.  In the winter I sometimes use a flavored creamer as a treat, but over all just plan black coffee is tops.

Beer – I am of mostly German roots, some Hungarian and a splash of Irish to keep it interesting.  Naturally my German side loves beer.  Of the many beers, I prefer Mich Ultra though it gives me migraines if I have one or have several.  Next up is Bud Select 55.  Yes yes, diet beer I know.  I also like Fireside Nut Brown Ale in the winter months.

Wine – I enjoy wine, though I know about nothing regarding quality, I either like it or I don’t.  I buy wines based on the labels.  The  more amusing the more likely I will try it.  One favorite to date is 7 Deadly Zins.  I kept that bottle, and the Middle Sister wine, Forever Cool, because the label is so on target with my personality.

Herbal Tea – Cinnamon Apple Spiced and Cinnamon Rose are favorites, as well as Peppermint.  During the summer I enjoy mint iced tea like grandma made.  Many of us in the family got hooked on mint tea, and some of my cousins have mint from grandma’s garden.  I need to get some from them to start my own mint bed.

Eggnog Shakes – UDF (United Dairy Farmers) makes the world’s best eggnog shake!  McDonalds doesn’t have too bad of one either, but it rates second in my book to UDF.  I LOVE these and they are only available during the holiday season.

When it comes to beverages those are the first 6 that come to mind.  There are likely many others but 100 Things list only asks for 6, so there you have it.