Friday Confessional – Auto Correct Arranged Marriages

Good grief, it’s Friday already?  Guess it is time for confessing all my sins for the week.  Jump on the hop/meme with us by clicking above.  Mamarazzi is on break but clicking the image will land you over at High Heeled Love where the link-up and confessions are taking place.

I confess…
I may have had just a little too much fun with my kids last night.  Not drunken insanity, more like drunk on good times.  My sides and stomach hurt from laughing so hard, its  the most work out my abs have had in…well a while.  My son texted me to see if I wanted to go to dinner with him, his wife and daughter.  I rarely turn down a free meal so I said yes.  He invited his sister along too (Thanks Bubbie, I love when we all spend time together and I don’t see you all enough).  My son is perhaps one of the few that doesn’t raise an eyebrow when mama orders a 32oz draft.  He knows I will take the entire meal to drink it, appetizers included.  Well most of the time.  He’d be the first person to land a second one in front of me.

I confess…
My kids can make me laugh like no one else.  We laughed til my mascara was pretty much cried off my face.  Even when something isn’t really all that amusing, my daughter has the most contagious giggle and laugh.  Sometimes I was laughing at her laughing.  And I confess much of what we were laughing about was  most inappropriate.  Just go to Damn You Auto Correct for examples of what nearly killed me inhaling tortilla  chips.  I couldn’t breathe at times I was laughing so hard.

I confess…
I am considering an ‘arranged’ marriage of sorts next time around.  Hold on, Cinnamon, my spicey friend, and read these 4 articles about romantic love and the science of arranged marriage.  You are probably the one person I know that will ‘get it’ better than others. Article 1What Is Romantic Love, Article 2 How To Make Romantic Love Last LongArticle 3How To Easily Fall Out Of Romantic Love, and Article 4The Science Of Arranged Marriages – How Do They Work.  I seriously figured out why my 22 year marriage failed.  Someone didn’t make ME center of his world like I did him.  The incurable flirt that he was, was a recipe for disaster.  But seriously I think the arranged marriage of logic and reason has merit.

I confess…
This FarmVille2 thing has me so buried.  Do yourself a HUGE favor and never ever go there!  Do not click the link and get suckered into playing it.  It is a cult of some sort and I’ve been brain washed into worrying about making cheese, harvesting wheat and envying someone named Walter for his farm, and he and the farm are no more than pixels grouped to LOOK like something cute and real.  The illusion is powerful, the addiction very real.  I need a 12 step program for this.

I confess…
I threw something at my cat this morning.  2 things actually.  I was too wired to sleep last night so I used the lavender oil on a spare pillow case to find the Sandman.  That worked like a charm but I was wide awake far earlier than I wanted to be because my darling little furry one was knocking on the closet door.  She paws at the door with her front paws while standing on the back ones, it sounds a lot like rapid knocking.  Not really loud as much as highly annoying when I am trying to sleep.  I usually let her in the closet to explore when I’m putting on my makeup in the morning because I can keep an eye on her while she is knocking things on the floor (I have a walk in closet with a dresser in there and she enjoys pushing things off the edge and watching them fall).  But I was not about to let her in there unsupervised and certainly not at 6am.  This was supposed to be my sleeping in day.  I finally waded up the pillow case and threw it at her.  She was back 5 minutes later, hell bent on getting in.  I threw my teddy bear next.  Not at her but at the door above her head so it would startle her.  That didn’t work either.   I just gave up and finally went in search of coffee, I know when I’ve lost the match.

I confess…
I am eating peanut butter crackers and drinking a diet coke for breakfast.  Don’t judge it sounded good to me.

I leave you with one of the things that got my daughter into a fit of giggles last night.  She had been on Pinterest and for whatever reason was searching on “Bob Cat” and this is what came up.  She laughed herself into tears that night, and again over dinner when she pulled it up to show her brother.  Scary thing is, I found it nearly as funny as she did.


  1. I think I want to come have dinner with you and your family. It sounds like you had such a good time. And Damn You, Auto Correct is hilarious.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Honestly… I wish I could be married off to someone in an arranged marriage. It would be so much easier. Dating SUCKS. (Ah, who am I kidding. I don’t even date. lol!)

    Happy Friday!!

    • You can arrange it yourself! Seriously, we look at it all wrong I think. The articles are awesome, and totally helped me see why 22yrs and that marriage was just not going to work.

  3. You will get no grief from me today. I wholeheartedly agree. If I could find a financially stable, emotionally secure, intellectually equal wheelbarrow full of Texas dirt……..I would have pushed it down the aisle and said “I DO”. I’m pretty much tired of having to pick from column A or column B and having to live without the rest.

  4. I’ve often considered an arranged marriage. This dating and trying to find true love thing is FOR THE BIRDS I tell you. Boo. lol It’s nice that you get to laugh so well with your kiddos, and um… cat with hair looks freaky! lol

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