Friday Confessional


It is time to slide into the confessional and let it all out again.  Mamarazzi is on a blog break so they are linking up over at High Heeled Love.  Come on, you know you have  stuff to get off your chest!

🙂  Naughty – Oh I have been a really bad girl this week….yes really bad.  I went and got myself involved in one of these time wasting, online games.  On Facebook.  I am so darn stuck in FarmVille2 that when I’m out running errands I have this nagging thought in the back of my brain that I might have forgotten to harvest something and will return to a field of withered plants.  It is just pathetic, I know.  They are just computer pixels, not real fruits and veggies, yet I let this eat at me.
🙂  I didn’t care – Okay, I confess.  The Cincinnati Reds were in the baseball playoffs…and I did not give a flying frog’s butt.  Really.  I am a hometown girl, I love my city and our teams, but it is October.  WHY is the baseball season so long now??  It used to be long over by now didn’t it?  Sorry but it is FOOTBALL season now, I don’t care anymore about baseball, those are the boys of summer.  I also wasn’t the least bit surprised they choked and blew it in the final game yesterday.  And I just didn’t care.

🙂  Meat – as in deer, ground venison.  My son got his first deer of the season and brought his mama a few pounds.  It is going to be mixed into my now famous, black bean chili.  I will use both the venison and ground round, but not going to tell anyone around here in the Diva Den.  They’ll only know if they read this today.  But bet me they will forget by the time I get around to making it.  Waaahaaaahaaaaa……

🙂  Over Indulgence – I’m using donating blood today as an excuse to over eat.  Cannot have me passing out and hitting floor, right?


  1. Oh, Cityville got me earlier this year. It was an all or nothing thing. I finally had to let it die.

    I think we should swap chili recipes. The Mister and I are always looking to try a new one out.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Facebook games will definitely suck you in. Hope the chili turns out yummy–we love venison at our place.

  3. I have gotten caught up playing games on Facebook. Then I feel so guilty for wasting so much time! Your chili sounds great! Have a great weekend.

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