Monday Memos

Dear Neighbor,

I want to first tell you that I love animals, especially dogs, cats and deer.  The cats I am quite certain you’ve picked up on as there are 3 of them in this house and whenever there are open windows they all sit in the window watching the world (we call this kitty cat television with surround sound when the window is open).

You know I love dogs as I have been known to doggie sit my daughter’s little Yorkie, Penny, when she is away.  We’ve had the Akita on the back deck for a day too, though we regret that she was not allowed in the house as she views the cats as 4-legged snack food.   But I’m hijacking this memo….

I love deer, and that is one thing I dearly love about living in this house, the woods behind us and the deer that are often seen grazing in the back yard.

What I do NOT love is your obnoxious dog that never stops barking and has kept the deer away.  Put him out to do his business then bring his sorry, barking tail inside so we don’t have to hear him all day and the deer will return.

Kind Regards,

Growing Tired Of The Barking


Dear Bengals,

That really was not an impressive game yesterday.  Last week’s win was not very pretty but then I’ll take a win any way we can have it.  But really, when you are down by 4 so close to the end of the game, is 4th down and 5 really NOT a good excuse to just freaking GO FOR IT????? What did you have to lose at that point?  SIGH, being a fan of your stripes is not easy most Sundays.  Please, get it together.

A disgruntled fan

P.S. – Bravo Colts!


Dear Kurt Sutter,

I got hooked on your show after being an ‘old lady’ to a biker for a while who was a member of an outlaw motorcycle club.  I love the show, the realism of it all, but really, did it have to be Opie????  I suppose it IS realistic that way, but wow did not see that one coming!  I’m on the edge of my seat this season, cringing, crying, laughing and cheering on the bad boys each week.  By far this is the best season you’ve written.  I’ll forgive you for killing off main characters, as long as you leave Gemma, Tara and Jax alone.   I think we need more episodes of Jax & Juice without shirts on. *panting*


A devoted Sons Of Anarchy Fan


Dear FarmVille2

I hate you.  No offense but really I hate you.  I have a business to run, and while I’m out there building my team and trying to keep the business going, I’m back to worrying about crops withering in fields and chickens going hungry.  Please, help a farmer out here and get an app for that please!  At least then I can milk the cows while on the go!


Farming Pixel Produce Again


Dear Cyber Stalking Chick,

Shame on you!  I am told you lost someone to suicide who was a victim of being  bullied.  They also tell me you were under psychiatric care yourself for being a victim of bullying.  And now you are yourself a bully!  You should be ashamed of yourself!  By the way, be careful dear, not everyone is really your friend, and they have tossed you under the bus this time.  What  you are doing is  a crime, move on and fascinate someone else, my patience is wearing ever so thin.  Get a life that doesn’t involve me or mine.

Fed Up,

Time For Serious Legal Action

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  1. Marvi,

    If you remember when we bought the house I now live in, when there were no fences, no dogs, but often deer were seen grazing in Sharon McNally’s flower beds in the early morning,

    Now things are far different. Most yards are fenced with chain-link. One has an eight foot privacy fence. At last count there are eight dogs on the block. The three at the corner at Anderson Ferry warn us that someone is walking down the street. The two dogs two houses from me bark as soon as they are turned loose, un-teathered, they run to my to my Yucca plants to spray. The dog next door frequently runs through my front yard when he escapes with a bunch of people up and down the street, yelling his name as they pursue him. When his family leaves for any reason, they tie him in the back yard and he barks until they return. On the other side there is a small black dog that has a very loud bark. When tied outside he barks at everything that moves, including each leaf that falls from any tree on the block.

    The lady next door complains constantly about the barking, day and night. Her children can’t sleep.

    The dog at the house behind me barks at me when I go anywhere in my back yard because he thinks it is part of his territory. When I sit on my front porch on cool summer evenings, all eight dogs will start barking, together, for no apparent reason every few moments. When an unsuspecting person from another street walks their dog down our street the chorus of barks goes on until they are out of sight.

    I’m thinking I should have invested in dog-food stock instead of P&G.


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