Saturday Morning Coffee Musings

With just 10 minutes left in one of my favorite shows, Blue Bloods, the power went out last night.  It couldn’t just go out, it had to blink off for a few seconds, then back on for a few seconds, then off again for a brief second, then on again for several seconds, like a teaser, then finally off.  All that fan fair, and then the dark silence as the hum of all things electric in the house died away.  A trio of “NO!” followed and then all 3 of us watching TV had to use our cell phones for light to wander around and find candles,  Febreeze Luminaries (which we can no longer find anywhere around here in any store), and a few battery powered lanterns.  Seems like over kill, I know, but we have 2500 square feet of house to wander about in so we need lights along the way.  It is also a quad and each floor is large and spread out, so it takes a few light sources to keep you from walking into walls in the dark.  And it was DARK.  The entire neighborhood had been plunged into the light-less abyss.  We found out a transformer blew on a nearby pole.  Thankfully there is Prime Time On Demand or we’d have no idea how Blue Bloods ended last night.  The funnier part is prior to the power going out we were all getting tired, but once we had NOTHING we could do, we were wide awake.  We did finally give up and go to bed, only to be teased with a few brief moments of power a while later before it died out again.  Sometime in the night it did come back, however, so we are all good today.

Good as in COFFEE!!!  I do not do mornings without my coffee.  Actually, truth be told, I don’t do life period without my coffee.  It is an all day thing with me, that ever present cup of liquid sanity and joy.  8 hot calories a cup, gotta love it.  And it keeps the body count down, which is even better.  My OCD side thinks I must have the coffee in one of 3 cups, which are mine, do not even THINK about using one.  Warning to my brothers: I lick the rim of each of  my 3 cups, so rethink using one to mess with me!  It simply cannot be in any other cup or I cannot drink it.  Don’t judge, it is just how I am.  Just like, even when sick, if I’m going to be out of the bed for longer than using the bathroom, then the bed must be made.  Immediately if not sooner.  I cannot get in bed to sleep if it hasn’t been made.  Before I owned more than one set of sheets, I nearly had panic attacks while the linens were in the washer and dryer, because the bed was not made!   It took a lot for me to get used to removing all the decorative pillows in order to prop myself against the others to sit on the bed and watch TV, read or have hooker time with my crochet hook and some yarn.  I’m okay with that now, but it can only be in the evening.  The bed must remain looking beautiful and “together” otherwise.

I’ve mentioned this week that I got sucked into FarmVille2.  I’m kicking myself again, as the first thought in my brain after we learned the source of the power outage was “ERMAHGERD! My crops will wither in the fields!”  I know, it is just flat out pathetic.  I also started playing in my favorite, virtual world again, Neopia!  I finally remembered my password to my Neopets account and I’m back in to the only place I am a millionaire.  Laugh, but I am going to have to schedule, on my daily planner, game time to take care of all of my little virtual critters.

It is a bit chilly today, which is kind of nice if you like this time of year when the leaves are changing and days growing shorter.  It is perfect football weather, which I love.  But I admit, I have mixed feelings about the change in season, I do not like being cold.  I am a tropical climate kind of gal, I do not care for being all bundled up trying to stay warm.  Well okay except in my room. When I sleep it has to be cold in the room, I even shut the heat vent in winter.  But that is the only time I want cold air around me, when it is time to snuggle in deep in the covers.

I noticed for the first time how much damage is done from tanning when I was drying after a shower the other day. Damage to some of the skin on my legs, which thankfully is minimal but nevertheless still there.  I don’t tan anymore, as I have seen one too many women I know/knew who look like weathered leather now from spending time going for that “healthy glow” in the tanning bed or sunshine.  Not a real attractive look when you are only 50 and much older and worn out.  All traces of tan lines are finally gone from my body and I don’t mind it one bit.  And the skin care regimen I religious follow is paying off in that I’m getting guessed younger than I really am so I’m happy about that too.  While I had no issue with a nip and tuck, and some enhancements elsewhere on me, I refuse to have cosmetic surgery on my face.  Too scary, if something goes sideways there is no way to hide that.  I’ll just grow old gracefully battling that with good products and keeping my Yankee Belle, lily white face shielded from the damage of UV rays.

Great bible study time yesterday with the ladies from church.  Reconnected with a sweet friend from the past there, which made my whole day.  I cannot wait for next week, this study is SO good.  But that is more of a post for my other page, This Broken Angel.  I am so thankful I finally sucked it up and just went back with the right attitude and it was the right time this time around.  🙂

Well the coffee cup is empty, for this moment, and the pancake I was munching on is nothing but a few crumbs, so I suppose it is time to cease the musings and get my tail in gear.  Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday and a win for your favorite, college football team.  Unless they are playing the UC Bearcats today, then no offense but I hope you lose! (that would be the Miami Redhawks).