Friday Confessional


YEAH! It is FRIDAY baby!  Time for some confessions.  I found this meme/hop sometime back but hadn’t remembered to get in it. I’m jumping into the confessional today, pulling the curtain and letting it out.

I confess….

  • While I am not a ‘working’ girl so to speak, as I do not leave home and head to the office because my office is at home and I’m my own boss, I am so very glad it is FRIDAY!  I love the Friday night line up of TV shows right now and cannot wait to hit the couch with my crochet hook and a beer.
  • I recently took on of those DISC personality tests.  I’ve actually taken it a number of times in various formats but never really gave it any attention other than to know my personality type involved ‘D’ and ‘I’.  YOWZERS!  I finally really took time to read the 30+ page report that came with mine and holy personality Batman!  I’m and “ID”!!!  Seems I AM that fluffy puppy loving to be recognized for my efforts, to have FUN FUN FUN at anything I do, I’m influential etc.  If you haven’t taken one, do this one online it’s free.  It’s amazing what you learn about yourself, your communication style etc. OH and I’m also a ‘D’, highest on the ‘I’ and seconded with a high ‘D’..making me like a Doberman, and that is very true, if you tick me off.   “The bark is almost as bad as the bite” – I resemble that remark!
  • I have not been drinking enough water lately.  Not good I know.  Need to get back into that.
  • My name is Marti, and I am a FarmVille2 addict.  OMG what was I thinking in getting started with that?????
  • I miss my claws…my acrylic nails.  I just cannot afford them right now and it is killing me!  It is one of the many things I love to do for ME that makes me feel feminine.
  • I haven’t been as good as I should be about updating my spiritual journey blog 😦  I need to get on that. SO much good stuff I want to share!
  • My laptop needs a good cleaning.
  • My bedroom, walk-in closet looks like a refugee camp for homeless items.  Guess I should address that as I cannot even get 2 feet inside.
  • I have to do some laundry, it’s calling my name and I just do NOT feel motivated.
  • The cat litter box needs my attention too.  But I’m slacking. Not wise, they tend to lash out irrationally by doing their ‘business’ else where I’m told.  Guess I’d best get on it before they prove it is true.




  2. Seems that everybody is facing Mt. Washmore this weekend. Good luck with the laundry…and the closet organization. Those two go hand-in-hand, don’t they?

    I’ve never done one of those personality tests, and I’d like to, but I barely have time to blog. =)

    Hope you get your nails done soon.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional. Hope you that come back next week. Have a fabulous weekend.

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