Some Of The Little Things That Ice My Cupcake

Last night my daughter texted me to tell me she was stopping over for a visit.  Nothing makes my heart warm like texts, phone calls, and visits from my now adult children.

We watched the presidential debate, playing along with some LINGO (Bingo) card we found online, along with my sister, mom, both nieces and their boyfriends.  We had a house full and there were a lot of laughs throughout the evening.  I love being around my family.

Once everyone was gone, I spent some time unwinding by getting lost in a great book while curled up in my jammies on my bed, window open even though it was only 55 degrees.

When I finally went to bed, I left the window open and fell asleep to the night sounds of crickets and other critters outside roaming the world at midnight.  God’s soothing music to my soul.

I slept like the dead, not moving much and it was a deep, peaceful, restful sleep.  My beautiful baby, my black cat Pixel, slept curled up against my leg all night.

The alarm on my phone is currently set to play the Muppets singing “Mahna Mahna”, rather than being highly annoyed when the alarm goes off it makes me laugh.  Then I swipe the snooze alarm and snuggle in for 10 more minutes….several times if I am not in a big hurry to get up.

I lay curled up, listening to the morning sounds of birds chirping and the world outside coming alive as the sun starts to creep slowly up over the horizon, a soft glow seeping across the world.

After I stretch on the second snooze alarm, Pixel makes her way up the bed, purring in anticipation of a good morning love fest of getting her head rubbed and chin scratched.  That purr gets rich and deep, until the next snooze alarm, when she knows I’ll be rising and she jumps off the bed and waits at the door for me.

On the way to the kitchen I check my phone to see if I have any texts to warm my heart or make me laugh.

Then it is the amazing smell of fresh coffee brewing while I go around opening blinds and curtains in the house, sometimes seeing deer in the backyard in the early light of dawn as they roam through the neighborhood.

I get comfy with my laptop at the kitchen table, and that first cup of coffee, and while I look out on the deck from my seat at the kitchen table, listening to the rest of the household starting to rise, I never fail to think how much I just love my family.

Looking around the inside of our large kitchen, and the various rooms visible from this vantage point in this very large house, I never fail to think how much I LOVE this house that is my home, and thank God for the blessing it is to be here.

My cupcake of life is sweetly iced and loaded down with sprinkles of joy.

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