Boogers And Clouds In My Coffee

Actually the clouds are NOT in the coffee, they are in my brain.  Last night I sat up watching season 4 of Sons Of Anarchy with my sister.  We got to about episode 6 or 7 I believe, maybe further.  Clay killed Pinney in the last episode we watched before it was 2:30am and we gave in to our bodies  over riding the want for more SOA with a sincere desire for sleep.  It sure seemed like a good idea at the time, staying up way too late.  Now I’m sitting here with a heavy fog slowly lifting from my thought processes.  I need much more coffee.  I cannot wait until my little sister here is caught up so that we are only catching one episode at a time, on TV, in season 5.  Though I have to admit I became spoiled being able to watch an entire season at a time.  Tuesday nights at 10pm can now not arrive fast enough to suit me, and we’re only one episode into the new season.

This is the part of my life reality show where perhaps a script  might be a good idea, one that says “Marti  exits the scene and tucks her exhausted self into bed early, setting a good example for all of her readers”.  But then if you look to me for a good example of anything, you are seriously in the wrong place.  Unless of course you need an extra for a movie about the zombie apocalypse, in that case I currently look every bit the part and without the help of special effects artists or makeup.  I am the walking dead this morning.  Please don’t shoot me in the head unless you are firing extra caffeine.

This is so cute! I found it while hunting for booger images. Maybe I should buy one and name it after the stalker?

The Booger has finally stopped sticking to me (and my daughter) via our Pinterest boards.   “Booger” is the less than affectionate name I’ve assigned to our stalker.  We’ve all had it happen at some time in life, where we sneeze, covering our nose and mouth with our hands, only to have some nasty, sticky thing end up on our finger and with  no tissue handy try to shake it off but it won’t go.  Then we find some something to wipe it off and it still seems to be there, unrelentingly hanging on.  *Note to my readers:  you are welcome for the visual, no need to thank me!*  That is our stalker, but she finally got the picture and stopped following us.  I have a few more hanger-ons but as long as they keep their snotty (pun intended) comments to themselves and off of my boards and blog posts, I won’t sweat it.  If I had to guess, though, my money says she still looks at the boards, Facebook, Twitter etc, because she is obsessed with knowing what we are doing.   *waves hello to Booger* – Yep, you are still looking aren’t you?  Hopefully not but just in case, I didn’t want to be rude.  I always find it humorous when someone looks at your social media to  see if you are talking about them, then gets their panties in a wad, when if they just didn’t look in the  first place they’d never know.  People can talk bad about me all they like, as long as it is not on my own outlets.  What is that saying, “love me or hate me, either way you are thinking about me!”.  Yeah, I am really powerful like that, occupying folks thoughts, it’s how I roll. *insert wicked, evil laugh*

I really need to find a new allergy medication, the one  I have been using for years is no longer cutting it.  Suggestions welcome!

Happy National Chocolate Day!!!  Think I’ll grab a Hershey Special Dark and celebrate!

Having just returned to the laptop with the umpteenth cup of coffee of the morning, I have to say that is one of the positives of working for myself, from home.  Aside from the fact that I am sporting my zombie attire, is knowing that no one takes the last cup of coffee, leaving a swallow behind, then slinks off without starting a new pot.  Here in the Diva Den it is just assumed that more coffee is wanted and  someone makes a fresh pot.  At the very least when one of us takes the last cup we quickly take a poll to see if another one should be made or if everyone has reached their ideal level of adult ADD meds.  Seems coffee drinkers, I mean serious ones, not those one cup a day types, are believed to be adult sufferers of ADD.  Like the medications for kids, the stimulant of caffeine helps us focus.  Considering I can drink an entire pot (as can the others here) and then go to bed and sleep like the dead, I think there is some accuracy to this line of thought.

Oh look at the time, need to go get ready for a conference call.  Might have to freshen up my look and smear my mascara further down my cheek.