Random Rawring.


Okay so I am NOT one of those bra burning, I am woman hear me roar types.

In fact roaring is rather rude in my book.


I am just me.

Goofy, weird, eccentric, pain the A double S me!

And this is all a bunch of random stuff floating about in my brain.  I’m writing because I need therapy at the moment. Welcome to my therapist couch.

I need a new Kindle, a Kindle Fire to be specific.  Still have not replaced the one I lost and I’m tired of reading my books on my laptop.

Currently in the middle of a debate with myself about keeping my spiritual journey blog.  I have to renew the URL if I plan to keep that one. But not at all sure I want to keep it. I don’t care for the title anymore. Though  it fits.

I NEED a new cell phone.  This piece of crap I have now keeps freezing up.  I miss so many texts and other sources of communication because it is frozen only I don’t realize it is.  iPhone is NOT in the budget for me at the moment.  Hell not much IS in the budget. Don’t let’s go there, not up for it.

Okay so for those that read this morning, me and the Biker are no longer a couple.  Just not working. That is another post though, again don’t let’s go there.  I hate being a heart breaker, it is NOT a fun role.


I hate that I kept him feeling like an emotional roller coaster.  I tried, really I did, but I am not feeling it right now.  Nope leave it not going there.

I signed up for a kick boxing class.  Looking forward to the workout.

Think I will start walking again, I need the exercise.

Started drinking more water too, another big need for me.

Can I state for the record…I DO NOT want a relationship, with anyone.  Sorry but this girl has too much going on in her life.  I prefer to remain single thank you very much.  Really I do.

My OCD kicked in and I alphabetized my Pinterest boards.  I know, right?!  (hush, it needed to be that way)

Is it wrong to feel this relieved that I am single?  To be HAPPY not to be in a relationship?