Military Moms, Babies, And Awesome Shoes!

I know, you are sitting there trying to figure out what those three  things have in common.  Pour another cup of coffee and I’ll explain it to you.

This morning I received an email from Anya Sarre, a stylist with ShoeDazzle.  Mind you at first, me being ever the skeptic, thought “yeah, and I’m Mother Teresa”.   But I did look into it and sure enough, she is!  Right along with Kim Kardashian.  This woman found my blog and wanted to know if I’d mind sharing something with you, my readers.  When I looked at it, I was on board right now.  While I’ve never been a military wife, I did have kinship care of my Navy cousin’s children for a year, experiencing a small taste of what the moms must go through.  I also know plenty of vets and military wives, and know how hard that time apart can be, especially if a baby is due while daddy is away.  I’m all over doing my part to support our troops, and one of those ways is to help their wives while they are deployed.  To make it extra special, it is helping the expectant mothers while their men are deployed.

YOU can help now too!

Here is a message from Anya Sarre  herself:

Anya here! I have some great news on a wonderful partnership that ShoeDazzle has made with Operation Shower! ShoeDazzle is a place that welcomes you to your own personal style paradise—by offering shoes, handbags, and jewelry personally selected for you by our fashion experts for a great monthly price with free shipping. Operation Shower is about celebrating and honoring military families–non-profit organization that provides joyful baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment.

We have come together and ShoeDazzle will be contributing 100% of all profits made from the “Monroe” shoe to benefit Operation Shower. Shoe designer, Vanessa Lachey, designed the Monroe shoe with the military in mind!  The faux snakeskin, high-heeled bootie has a steep platform and multiple buckles for a hard edge that channels the tough aesthetic of a training camp combined with a very sexy style that is still ultra feminine.

Support Operation Shower and military families around the world by spreading the word—one amazing shower at a time.


Here is the Monroe” shoe, it is screaming at me as the perfect addition to my throttle therapy attire.  I’m certain that pairing it with my riding jeans and a Harley Davidson shirt, and the occasional pink in my hair would be one rockin’ look.  Hopefully they don’t mind my putting up the photo, if you click it,  it will take you to their site, where you can purchase it for yourself.  It would look fantastic with so many outfits, not just the ‘biker chick’ look I’m aiming for!  Frankly it is a STEEL for only $39.95 too!

THANK-YOU for contacting me, Anya, it is my pleasure to spread the word for this very worthy cause!