Rambling & OMG Grandma’s Face Is Melting!!!

Okay so it isn’t melting, but this heat wave is making for a sweaty, not quite as Marvelous one, a total waste of makeup!  I’m thinking I will be skipping the makeup routine more often than not, it’s only going to end up running off of my face anyway.

I haven’t taken time to sit down and write lately, had a lot on my mind but wasn’t ready to really put it all in writing.  And I’ve been rather busy to say the least.  But I need my therapy session of spilling the inside jumble of ever changing thoughts out on to the computer screen.  I’m armed here with a glass of red wine and some microwave popcorn, it’s time to start purging the brain onto my blog page.  Reader beware, this could go all kinds of sideways before I’m finished.

First order of business is that today my son, his wife, and little girl found out the newest addition to their family (due in late December) is a little boy!!!  I am more than excited to be gaining my second grandchild. I’ve found that of all the roles I’ve played on the stage of life so far, being a grandma is one of the very best!  And I’m still very young for the job, at only 49!  I have therapy with my crochet hooks coming up as I make a bunch of fun stuff like blankets, hats and booties for this little boy, not to mention the tons of stuff I am going to be buying.  But not just for him! I know how hard being the older sibling can be when the baby is getting all the goodies, so Little Red, my adorable granddaughter, will be getting some fun stuff from me too.

Lately I’ve been in a mode of letting bygones be just that, bygones.  Water under the bridge.  I’ve forgiven those that needed it, and those that didn’t.  It may be seen to some as ‘poking the bear/bitch’ but I have even hit the old friend request on about a dozen past Facebook friends and life/lifestyle friends as Facebook has thrown them into my “people you may know” feed.  Who knows, maybe they too are ready to let it all go and move the heck on.  If not, their loss.  Life is just too damn short to worry about it all anymore.  I have my life, it is fun, wild and crazy, mellow and easy going, full of laughter and good times.  Happiness is a choice I make, joy is something I’ve found in the simple things.  Some will tell me I’ve lost it, or have a few screws loose.  Hell not a single screw is loose, but many are bent and twisted!  🙂   So be it.  The bible say that as much as possible be at peace with all, and that is my goal.

I’ve had my share of throttle therapy lately, and frankly cannot get enough.  More to come, way more to come!

Just the other day I had a total light bulb moment.  Or a “squirrel!” event.  Depends how you look at it I suppose.  I had read another person’s blog about their NOT doing so hot in a direct selling business, and replied telling them maybe it was because they failed to treat it as a job, and instead dabbled at it like a hobby.  “BING!” on went the light bulb in my brain.  I’m working my business, and not doing too shabby, but wondering why I’m not up there higher just yet, and it dawned on me: I’m NOT working it like I did my jobs in the past.  If I were to have put the effort into past employment that I am now with Avon, I wouldn’t have had a job for long.  SO…obviously I need to get a more focused approach.  I’m also starting a second job with another direct selling company, but more on that later.

Okay who out there has had Bunco parties/clubs?  Just found out tonight that I’m going to be in one.  I have NO clue what it is all about but sounds like a great reason for a girls night out once a month so I said I was in!

I ALMOST went back to blond locks recently, but the hair color I was using wasn’t meant for removing the red.  SO I dyed it deep red again.  Heck I have about 700 of 1000 business cards left with my red hair photo, so I am figuring it would be good to remain a firey little red head for a while longer.  Besides I DO like this color and it always gets a conversation started wherever I go!

The past few weeks I have been on the quiet side when it comes to posting.  I’ve been reflecting on things I was told about not sharing so much about others.  Or myself if it involves others.  I’m evaluating that one, because…well it’s a respect thing and um…never gave it a lot of thought.

I had plenty to say on the whole gay marriage (I support it) and Chick-Fil-A (support them too) events, on Facebook, but I’ve chosen to leave it out of my posts.  Face it, no one is changing anyone’s mind on the subject.  The President only, IMHO, changed HIS mind because it is an election year and he is vying for votes so going with the vocal minority.  Nothing I say is going to change anyone’s thoughts so I’ll leave it at that, I support gay marriage and I went to Chick-Fil-A on the 1st because I am a support of free speech too.  Besides, their food is good.

This whole typing thing with a band-aid on one finger is a pain in the rump.  Cut the finger on the foil on a wine bottle earlier tonight.  Better outlaw those things, they are dangerous!!!!  I might have bled out and died in the kitchen if it were not for the paper towels and the band-aid that only took 10 minutes to locate!  Beware of the foil covering the corks on your wine bottles.

Did you know that if the blades of your fan are dirty, it is not putting out like it should?  I knew this but hadn’t taken a good look at the fans lately. OMG! I am shocked nothing in there grabbed and ate one of the cats, it was disgusting!  I took my box fan apart, cleaned the blades and every other area that could be reached with q-tips and now it is like hurricane force winds when set on high.  Who knew?  I cleaned another one and my little baby fan in my room too.  My sister was all mock-like impressed, teasing me about having a fever because I actually used a tool (a screw driver) today.  Yeah, I’m cool like that.  I couldn’t mess this up, the cats were supervising me!

Okay so this is a totally random, lame post tonight, but at least I put something up for the first time in days.

I leave you with my cat’s very, “get your butt in bed and stop moving you are disturbing me” look.